SuperNova Exotic Cannabinoid Vegan Gummies (Very Potent)

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JK SuperNova Exotic Gummies

Check out the newest product from our SuperNova brand. These gummies are part of their new Exotic series. These gummies come infused with Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD Full Spectrum, THC-O, HHC, and CBD. This potent and powerful blend of cannabinoids is a one of one mix made by some of the best manufacturers in the hemp market. This product is available in 10 different flavor variations.


Pineapple (Delta 9) Blackberry (Delta 9) Sour Apple (Delta 9) Watermelon Lemonade (THCO & D8) Peach Lemonade (THCO & D8) Mixed Berry (HHC) Blue Raspberry (THCO) Pineapple (CBD Full Spectrum) Strawberry (CBD Full Spectrum) Watermelon (THCO & Delta 8) Pineaaple Mango (HHC)  

Product Features:

  • Various dosage of Exotic Cannabinoids grown in California
  • EGMP Certified Facility
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Made in California, USA

If you’ve never tried D9 before, we suggest you start with a smaller dose to see how it affects you. You can always increase your dose later on if you feel you’d like more!

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Sour Apple Delta 9, Blackberry Delta 9, Pineapple 9, 2 Gummy Sample Pack, Peach Lemonade 100MG Delta 8, Watermelon Lemonade 100MG, Mixed Berry 25MG HHC, Blue Raspberry 20MG THCO & 30MG Delta 8, Strawberry 25MG CBD, Pineapple 25MG CBD, Pineapple Mango 25MG HHC, Watermelon 20MG THCO & 30MG Delta 8

24 reviews for SuperNova Exotic Cannabinoid Vegan Gummies (Very Potent)

  1. A Frazier (verified owner)

    I got the Blue Raspberry THCO+D8 as a 2 gummy sample pack and they are sooooo good! I had the live resin gummies and didn’t care for the flavor and it was more of a night time gummy for my preference. The blue raspberry was everything I wanted to be. The plant flavor was there but it was subtle like it just walked by and said hello then was gone. I may be currently writing this review after and hour of taking these 😆 I definitely feel good, my pain is gone/numb (I was literally walking with my walking stick this morning and up since 2:20am from pain from my spinal injury), my mood is lifted and all of my anxiety is gone 🙃 I’ve been in severe back to back to back anxiety attacks for the last week and a half and to feel okay and not so all over the place is a blessing. I have a pretty high tolerance with my adhd and meds I’m on so it’s been tough smoking enough to feel any relief so I was kinda worried that eating only 2 wouldn’t do anything but… it did EVERYTHING 😲 This is definitely where I want to be every time I have a flare up because it was perfect. I gotta see if these are carried in bulk on here because these are my absolute new favorite gummies 😍

  2. todd loup

    rasberry was great

  3. dezzy504baby

    Good for vegan

  4. bellalaveau7

    I ate two many of these one night had me laughing very loud giggling

  5. js9002549

    the blacberry i liked

  6. paulmicheal649

    healthy vegan

  7. greghopkins209

    liked the blackberry ones

  8. awesomeal360 (verified owner)

    These are really tasty and potent. I would recommend it!

  9. ellispartrick926

    all flavors taste great

  10. renetros0

    very potnet good yummy flavored

  11. louisdanos7

    high lasted long great effects done right

  12. robojones9

    thc o was on another level intense

  13. dericksmi513


  14. freddiedash

    I like blackberries and sour apple

  15. billyappole22

    great product

  16. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  17. reggiec451

    Full Spectrum great effects

  18. ch3775290


  19. db202695

    straight gas

  20. rs8680515

    powerful gummies

  21. rs8680515

    great edibles

  22. Walter McElwaney (verified owner)

    I love these they’re powerful also 1 of these is better than pain medicine for arthritis unbelievable. never had anything in years of battling arthritis that took the pain away like these . the take 1 if you purchase these . You could take 2 like I did at first but it’s like wasting 1 . 1 gets the job done .

  23. craigsmith777504

    great items

  24. ballowbrett

    powerful wonderful

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