JUNE Exotic HHC, Delta 8 & Hemp FLOWER MENUS

We've added 35 NEW DELTA 8 & Exotic HHC Flowers! From mild to wild and classic to exotic terpene profiles on great flower! Try one or save with our HotBox Combo! Find your classic and new Favorites today! From value deals to exotic top shelf we have you covered!

Top Shelf & Exotic Potency:

Exotic HHC Taz's LOVE 39% Total Cannabinoid

HHC Nine Pound Hammer 27.1% Total Cannabinoid

HHC StrawBerry Cough 28.7% Total Cannabinoid

California OG GAS 27.3% Total Cannabinoid

Dutchez OG 24% Total Cannabinoid

Purple LemonHead OG 23.92% Total Cannabinoid

California Cookie Monster 23.4% Total Cannabinoid

Green Crack Goliath 23% Total Cannabinoid

Lemon Octane 20.1% Total Cannabinoid

New Exotic HHC Smoking Legal's Taz Love Flower "Strongest Flower on the Market!"

One of our most premium, exotic & potent Exotic HHC Flowers 🏆 For a limited time only JKDistro creates our ultimate Entourage Cannabinoid Flower Experience! Experience our Exotic Top Shelf in 2022! Sweet GASSY Citrus Flavor!


Nearly 20% CBD +Delta 8 and a WHOPPING 72% HHC (by weight) all on premium flower testing in at over 39% + total cannabinoids Flower

Taz's Love Available in HHC or Delta 8 or Hemp Flower!!!

Vibe Out Like our JK Ambassadors in our new Hemp Blend Moonman Hoodies

 JK Hi Roads HotBox May $99.99 ($125 Total Value)

Featuring our New JK MoonMan Hoodie! We curated a special offering at a great price. Our premium HotBox for May includes:

JK Hemp Hoodie ($30 Value)

1 Gram Lit It Disposable Vape ($30 Value)

Rainbow SuperNova Gummie Pack ($30 Value)

10 Gram Delta 8 Moon rock ($35 Value)


2022 NEW Delta 8 & HHC EXOTIC MENU!

We are kicking off our 2022 Menu with our 800+ JK Global Ambassadors We released our new HHC Menu in May 2022! Stay tuned and check back often for new JK flower releases!

WE LOVE OUR JK AMBASSADORS! We are featuring several Legacy JK Ambassadors in 2022! Diversity & Inclusion all month long! SUPERNOVA GUMMIES SALE allmonth Long!

TheSelfQueen Rose HotBox

TheSelfQueen Rose HotBox

I am so full of gratitude that you chose "The Rose Box" to be a part of yourself-care routine. I can't wait for you to experience the luxurious vibrations of the Rose & Crystals while deeply relaxing into the effects of CBD.

My only piece of advice in creating your bath ritual, put your phone down & be present. Spend that essential "me time" wrapped in Luxurious CBD and Roses!

HHC SUPERNOVAS 420 Celebration with Taz


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NEW Exotic HHC Tahoe OG Flower

Farm Fresh POWER GAS from California!!! Very similar to our Cookies California Gas! HIGH OCTANE Classic California Tahoe OG!


BBO XXL Jars Available

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VEGAN Available in Exotic Cannabinoid Combinations like HHC, Delta 8, Delta 9, THCO & CBD! These rival dispensary gummies! Maximum Potency & Quality Guaranteed.

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