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Introducing THCA Crumble Wax! This THCA crumble is a potent and aromatic concentrate that offers a unique and satisfying THCA experience. Its crumbly, wax-like texture and shape make it easy to use and transport, and it can be consumed through vaping, dabbing, or even sprinkling on joints or bowls for an extra kick. With its floral notes and anti-inflammatory properties, it is suitable for both recreational and therapeutic use. This crumble has been rigorously tested for safety, potency, and purity, ensuring that you are getting a premium quality product every time. Our THCA Crumble is 73.2% THCA and 84% Total Cannabinoids.  
Weight .5 lbs

1 Gram, 5 Gram, 10 Gram

14 reviews for THCA Crumble

  1. Mr haze (verified owner)

    Havnt been this ripped in a long time

  2. Diamond 🔹 one

    Dispensery quality! MAGNIFICENT!!!

  3. db202695

    packs a punch

  4. rs8680515

    straight powerful

  5. Rayme Shrade

    Perfect all around. Just like the dispensary, except JK’s version and formulation is a lot more smooth and tasty:-) JK you blow my mind!

  6. craigsmith777504

    great items

  7. ballowbrett

    good great quality

  8. Jerry Perkins (verified owner)

    Just got this in the mail today and I must say it’s top quality!

  9. Tahmec Dixon

    Jk? Yall gonna come out with terp infused crumble?

  10. jonathan3579 (verified owner)

    The quality is great! Only thing I’d really say is a downside is that it doesn’t have a good terpy taste but it’ll get you where you want to go.

  11. Ramona Martin

    I sprinkled some of the finest powder over my black label shake. It was amazing!! There is no taste difference but the action was incredible! This shake is indica leaning, almost couch lock! After the diamond powder it was a sativa leaning high! GOLDILOCKS!!! I am so excited!!

  12. seb.hdz (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first but WOW. Like DAMN. The taste is enjoyable definitely smells loud lmao

  13. Joseph Delgado (verified owner)

    Ok first off there’s no difference between this stuff and dispensary dabs. In fact this tasted better and got me higher than most dispensary dabs at half the price. You guys need to offer a 7 gram jar at a discount. I’m a true believer in Thc-a now. This stuff tastes like straight delicious funky gas.

  14. Simone

    Best crumble! Really hits hard, just need a little dab of it. Love rolling a snake form of it and placing it in my joint of flowers. It’s really good!

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