Coast 2 Gram Caviar Cannagar

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Coast Exotic Caviar Cannagar (2 Grams)

Available in 3 Flavors
  • Enjoy the sweet burst of Zkittlez with this cannagar rolled in caviar kief with a glass tip.
  • Dive in the universe of Cosmic Rainbow with this cannagar rolled in caviar kief with a glass tip.
  • Taste the sweet essence of 420Hunnys Supernova Honey with this cannagar rolled in caviar kief with a glass tip.
  • Exotic 100mg HHC + 50mg D8 in each 2 gram Cannagar

Coast Exotics 2g Cannagar – Supernova Honey 🍯 | Sarkazz Here


Why Choose JK Distro?

At JK Distro, it’s not just about selling products; it’s about ensuring unmatched quality and value. As a family-owned and driven company, we’re deeply invested in offering only the finest hemp products, sourced responsibly from our trusted farms and vendors. Our ISO 9001 certification stands testament to our commitment to excellence. When you choose JK Distro, you’re not just selecting a product, you’re embracing an ethos of integrity and premium quality. Choose us for a genuine, quality-driven experience.

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Choose JK Distro for premium products with an added benefit. All orders over $75 enjoy free USPS First Class shipping within the U.S. Our discreet packaging includes lab reports to guarantee authenticity and compliance. Experience the JK Distro difference today.

Precautionary Note:

If Cannabinoids affect you strongly, please think twice before using this product and always use responsibly. Ensure you’re in a safe environment and avoid tasks like driving or operating heavy machinery.

Hemp-derived products are legal at the federal level, but it’s always wise to consult local laws before consumption. Always consult with a healthcare professional before use. Remember, you must be 21 or older to purchase. Our products strictly adhere to Farm Bill guidelines, guaranteeing their legality.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Zkittlez, Cosmic Rainbow, Supernova Honey

28 reviews for Coast 2 Gram Caviar Cannagar

  1. todd loup

    really liked this cosmic rainbow

  2. dezzy504baby

    Zittels say less fire

  3. bellalaveau7

    Wonderful burn to it burn slow

  4. js9002549

    burned nice

  5. paulmicheal649


  6. greghopkins209

    great flavors

  7. ellispartrick926

    caviar was great

  8. renetros0

    great blens flavors

  9. louisdanos7

    great product selictions

  10. William Porter

    Really fire smooth hit

  11. robojones9

    great product

  12. dericksmi513


  13. Rayme Shrade

    With JK’s ultimate d8 which is the real deal and the mix with the hhc and the awesome taste puts a smile on my face as well as in my head. Burns good Puffs very smoothly. Thanks jk!

  14. billyappole22


  15. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  16. reggiec451

    great product

  17. ch3775290

    product is on point

  18. Diamond 🔹 one

    Very powerful

  19. db202695

    great clean nice great flavor nice smoking product

  20. rs8680515

    products are fantastic

  21. craigsmith777504

    great items

  22. ballowbrett

    good great quality

  23. brettcam2020 (verified owner)

    COAST 2 GRAM CAVIAR CANNAGAR – ‘Zkittles’ was AMAZING. Will be reordering…!

  24. szaher0

    Nice stuff

  25. szaher0

    Selection is dope no joke🤩

  26. szaher0

    Sour diesel 🔥🔝⛽️

  27. szaher0

    All samples are 🔥

  28. szaher0


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