Sour Cherries (Indoor & Hand Trimmed) 2021

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Sour Cherries (Indoor & Hand trimmed) 2021

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CBD 15.6%
Total Cannabinoids 16.66%
Terpene 3.2%

One of our most cherished 🍒 favorites from "seasons past.” Revitalized with our cultivator’s amazing sugar male to produce a unique one-of-a-kind smoking experience to ease your worries.

Sour Cherries 🍒 offers aromas of cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper. Clocking in at 16.66% total cannabinoid and 3.2% Terpene profile, one of our most most flavorful indoor flowers!

Beautifully grown and the utmost love and care with this pheno. Bright orange hairs and pestles pop from the Sour Cherries 🍒 

Lineage - CherryPie X Sour OG

Sour Cherries Terpene Profile 

Total terpenes: 3.2%

Primary terpenes:  Pinene, Linalool, Limonene and Terpineol

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