BLULION Exotic Cannabinoid Prerolls

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Exotic Cannabinoid Prerolls (10 per pack)

Our Gassiest Prerolls ever! These are very potent and will deliver a punch! All Fresh flower and small buds in our Prerolls. Farm Fresh Exotic Cannabinoid Californian Flower. Flowers COA’s available on the COA’s Library below.
Weight 0.5 lbs
Pack Size

1 Pack (10 Prerolls), 3 Pack (30 Prerolls), Singles (2) Prerolls


THCA Apricot Gelato, THCA CARTEL, THCA GUSH MINTZ, THCA Kush Mintz, MAXX POTENCY INDICA THCA, THCA ALIEN BISCOTTI, THCA Medellin Columbian Gold, THCA Peanut Butter Breath, THCA Gelato 41, THCA First Class Funk, THCA Gary Payton, THCA White Truffle

45 reviews for BLULION Exotic Cannabinoid Prerolls

  1. Dwayne j (verified owner)

    these pre rolls are good,,relaxing

  2. Eduardo (verified owner)

    This Pre rolls are awesome mine was the aรงaรญ berry gelato and the are so smooth to smoke and a great after taste the thca are strong I like it so much . Thank you JK for the great product that you always has.
    guys you are the best

  3. Eduardo (verified owner)

    The best pre rolls I ever have

  4. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Sweet smoke love it

  5. Isaac Brown (verified owner)

    One of the best deals you can get if you like both quantity and quality. Grab a pack of these alongside your bud for those lazy days, and you won’t be disappointed.

    • Admin

      Thank you for the honest Feedack Isaac

  6. A Frazier

    I did a recent order with JK Distro and the amazing people that they are… they put a pack of one of these in my package. I’m not sure what strain it is but I took one out to smoke last night and couldn’t even make it halfway through it before I had to put it out (and I am a daily smoker so I do have a high tolerance especially with my ADHD which makes it difficult to feel anything usually). I am now putting a few of these in my cart for my next order. I definitely recommend getting these whether you are a veteran smoker or a newbie. Definitely a new favorite for bringing with me on my daily 5 mile walks.

  7. Brandon Adam

    Trying out the brand JK Distro. Bought the 8 seasonal flower sample pack and 2 THCP Wedding Crasher pre rolls.

    The THCP Wedding Crasher roll is
    THCP 2.4%
    HHC 14.7%
    CBD 8.6%
    CBG 7.4%
    THCV 3.9%
    Total Cannabinoid 28.2%

    I’ve only tried D8 from other companies, not really a fan of the high. Decided to see what JK Distro is up to based on youtube reviews.
    Let me tell you this pre roll of THCP and HHC is good. The high is great, I feel so relaxed, my worries are gone, and my body feels content. This is what I was looking for after not smokin a thing for over 13 years until 3 days ago. The pre roll smokes really nice and actually hits well. There is a slight throat grab if you hit it like its your last time. “How I smoke” I feel D8, granted never tried JKs D8 didnt get me there…its just didnt hit the spot for me and I am glad they sent me this sample with my order.

    Shout out to Smokin Legal, The Smoke Doctor for the many videos.

  8. Benef Medlock (verified owner)

    The pre rolls were ok. I have been vaping dry herb for months. So these were the first ones I have had since then. I thought they were a little harsh and no flavor. But I think it is mainly me not used to smoking. They definitely made me feel good. And I would try again. Wedding Crashers is what I bought.

  9. Blazin’

    I received Two TrainWreck Prerolls with my order which was awesome since I already enjoy JK’s Trainwreck. They burn smooth, taste great and are really convenient!

  10. ravenmiller2003 (verified owner)

    These prerolls are the way to go, This was my second order and I can honestly say customer service took care of me and my pack got across the country in two days! Prerolls for the Win!

  11. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    10 stars JK. 10 pack was everything I desired from my purchase. I can barely smoke a whole one (Apricot Gelato kicks my ass) so these will be amazing for those indulgent times. I just took one to the face and I am swimming in effects. No stems found yet, terpene rich grind, smooth smoke, no smell in the package. At least 1g of grind in each. Amazing product.

  12. Brian 76 (verified owner)

    THCa apricot gelato great aroma taste and effect some ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ช preerolls just wonderful

  13. Brian 76 (verified owner)

    THCa ambassadors vibe California fruit salad super fruity preerolls just amazing super sweet and fruity โค๏ธ

  14. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Got a 2 pack witch’s brew sample and loved it! One of my favorite of JKs because of the sativa genetics. Nice and citrusy without being sour, euphoric, cerebral, smooth, got me blasted from 1 preroll.

  15. Casey

    I was lucky enough to try out the Acai Berry prerolls! Was a great indica experience. All my friends loved it too! The taste was 10/10, smoothness 10/10 and effects were calming, relaxing, focused, mood stabilizing! Great for anxiety and stress.

  16. Steve (verified owner)

    10 pack of Lemon Cherry Gelato prerolls is everything I expected! 10 rolls, 1.1g-1.2g with paper and filter, smells like cherry limeade and it carries over very well into the smoke with an added hint of pastry/tart. Smooth smoke.

    Effects are just gorgeous. Euphoric and heady with a great body load, just how I like it. 10/10

    Got the MAXX potency THCA prerolls as a sample and they are definitely super potent. They have a nice sour taste! For anyone curious, it is a mix of the most potent indicas in the lineup. This includes at least one strain infused with live resin terps.

    This did make me cough a bit more than the other prerolls I have enjoyed, but it didn’t give me a headache, make me sick, or send me to the moon, so it isn’t BDTs or straight up disty, though I noticed boosted effects from the extra terpenes in the mix! Beautiful! 10/10 on the MAXX too. Nice even burn

  17. InfraSonix (verified owner)

    Well, the hits just keep coming with this site! For some reason, with most companies, even if the strain is fantastic, they are ruined the second they put it into a pre-roll, but it’s always consistent when it comes to JKD. See, I’m not so into rolling myself because anything I roll is like a Frankenstein’s Monster that hopes to be a real joint one day, so pre-rolls are kind of my go-to. And these are, by far, the most accessible I have found anywhere. I’ve ordered these a few different times and always a different strain, just to keep things fresh, y’know, and I haven’t been disappointed yet (something I could say about the whole site and not just the product)! Currently, I am waiting on what I wanna say is my fourth or fifth strain, a ten pack of Alien Biscotti, and I am AMPED. If it’s anything like the Obama Runtz, the Tazmanian Runtz, or the Grandaddy Purpleberry I will be far from disappointed and I will go through them way to quick than what my bank account can keep up with, even with how fair the price of any of the options are, when I love a strain, I love HARD. Tell me I’m not the only one! Point being, if you want something darn good at a reasonable price, this is it! Right here! The singles tubes have two pre-rolls in them, so you’re getting a pretty good deal. No matter what you have, be it Insomnia or Anxiety or PTSD like myself, anything on this page makes it much more tolerable.

  18. todd loup

    cartel was hitting hard

  19. dezzy504baby

    Yo this hard hitting

  20. bellalaveau7

    10 pack was the way to go

  21. js9002549

    nice options

  22. paulmicheal649

    birthdaycake was nice

  23. greghopkins209

    rolled nice great packaging

  24. Jesus Nieves

    I just got the 10pack of lemon cherry gelato and it’s fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ man I’m buying more soon !!!

  25. ellispartrick926


  26. renetros0

    great pre rolls affordable price

  27. louisdanos7

    hell of a selection of great strains

  28. robojones9

    rooled nicly smokes good and tasty

  29. dericksmi513


  30. Alfredo (verified owner)

    I was recommended by J I got them gush mints shts fire man.

  31. Rayme Shrade (verified owner)

    I got the pack of the Truffle flower pre-rolls. What a fantastic and fantabulous deal. I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Awesome jk!

  32. Al K. (verified owner)

    Bought the Truffle. Very good deal! Classic Indica effects. Very calming. Mine taste a bit floral with aftertaste sort of mix fruit and citrus undertone. My Truffle prerolls gave decent vibes.

  33. billyappole22

    great product

  34. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  35. reggiec451

    great product

  36. ch3775290

    fire list

  37. Diamond ๐Ÿ”น one

    Best deal on the internet

  38. MR. K

    Sometimes you can get some soldout stuff in prerolls so always got to check! Great price and selection!

  39. rs8680515

    products are fantastic

  40. craigsmith777504

    great items

  41. ballowbrett

    good great quality

  42. bobo Banks (verified owner)

    Great quality products great value! Try the blueberry yum yum you can’t go wrong mix it up I’ve personally tried all of them so far so good ๐Ÿ‘ for pre rolls thems bad boys are fire! ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿš’ Gary Payton all time favorite all pretty gassy I’m feeling pretty great right now!

  43. Eric H. (verified owner)

    Very happy with these,never do prerolls for what ever reason and decided to try some, I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something different ๐Ÿ˜€ I got the Mazx Potency THCA and it’s good. (It got me high!) Thanks JK Distro, this is the only place I buy from, good people and good service

  44. padron2161

    You will not be disappointed with these pre-rolls, Packed tight with enough quality flower to relax you and your friends for while. If you are on the ledge and just thinking about buying these, I tell that you should jump and get some. I will be getting more.

  45. SouthTempo

    I had peanut butter breath, did taste a little like peanut butter and was an enjoyable smoke. The pre-rolls would be a nice add on to your order!

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