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XL THCA Meteor Moon Rocks

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XL Meteor Moonrocks (15 Grams)

Our most premium THCA XL Flower!! Selected for their potency flavor, size and terpene profile. We double dip our nugs in our Full Spectrum Oil with a base coating of THCA Keif. We finish our moon rocks with a coating of THCA Diamonds and Keif. Packed and sealed in A vacuum sealed in 6 oz glass jar with Boost Integra humidity pack for maximum freshness.

Check out CJWillDoIt’s review of the XL Meteor Moonrocks Here!

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Precautionary Note:

If Cannabinoids affect you strongly, please think twice before using this product and always use responsibly. Ensure you’re in a safe environment and avoid tasks like driving or operating heavy machinery.

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Weight 1 lbs

42 reviews for XL THCA Meteor Moon Rocks

  1. Parnell Etienne

    Great job

  2. Tanner Doherty

    Got my free samples today and I am totally blown away. Top notch stuff and good customer service. I can’t wait to make my first purchase here.

  3. todd loup

    super strong out a rig

  4. dezzy504baby

    Man jk on point with this

  5. dezzy504baby

    jk on point with this light it up the best

  6. dezzy504baby

    Yo bbo moonrocks

  7. bellalaveau7

    Very kiefy

  8. js9002549

    15 grammer geez get right

  9. paulmicheal649

    thca ones ++

  10. greghopkins209

    all where great quality

  11. ellispartrick926

    nice buzz love em

  12. renetros0

    heavy buds was chunkey

  13. louisdanos7

    great taste dank

  14. robojones9

    dank strong buzz

  15. dericksmi513


  16. Rayme Shrade

    Freaking amazed! Just like.. I’m speechless because of the absolutes heavy potency as well as the nice and heavy Buzz. Jk, what will be next? I can only Wonder! Great job A+

  17. Rayme Shrade

    Awesome moon rocks jk! I’ve never had thca moon rocks. I’ve never seen them either. They’re no joke, better put on your seatbelt for these. Very very potent! You did it again jk!

  18. billyappole22

    great product

  19. Diamond 🔹 one

    Definitely not for the week. Only strong smokers

  20. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  21. freddie

    My second moonrock experience. I found them ok just not my preferred product

  22. freddie

    My favorite of them all.

  23. reggiec451

    great product

  24. ch3775290


  25. db202695

    nice great flavor nice smoking product powerful

  26. MR. K

    Potent stuff. Not for inexperienced users as I would say it took a bit to manage.

  27. rs8680515

    products are fantastic

  28. craigsmith777504

    great items

  29. ballowbrett

    good great quality

  30. ravenblaze4 (verified owner)

    amazzingly potent. You toke it at first and you’re like it ant all that. Then you hit it a few more times and you take back ever thinking that lool These Moonrocks are legit

  31. Stephen Cearnal (verified owner)

    Clogged up my vaporizer and grinder (which I keep clean) with some black sticky stuff.

  32. Travis Sorsen (verified owner)

    These are fire will order again and again.

  33. Carl (verified owner)

    Fantastic moonrocks. Absolutely take me where I want to go. Only complaint, would be nice if they updated the bulk section.

  34. Ben (verified owner)

    Still testing it out. Crumbled up a little and put it in my steamroller. I went for the THCA ones and it felt like old school effects. Nice mellow heady feeling with a warm body buzz. Definitely has full entourage effects. Love the black oil!

  35. algietailey (verified owner)

    Straight fire 🔥!!!. Thank you for the extra sample as well 🙂

  36. thundertiger211 (verified owner)

    amazing product. I messed up and binge drank bunch beer and some bourbon (bourbon was a major mistake on my part). This is one major cure for a hangover and awesome medicine. Best vaped though IMHO because even lighting the moonrocks with a match imparts a bit too much unwanted flavor. This could be due to them being thca because I’ve had different hemp moonrocks that weren’t as weird in that regard, albeit not sure if I ever had mj moonrocks, maybe once or twice. Regardldss, put a chunk in between some flower in a good dry herb vape and by itself on a dynacoil or other appropriate vape and it doesn’t take much to get very medicated. great job!

  37. thundertiger211 (verified owner)

    Still 5 stars, especially for this emerging industry. Just a note for my original review though is that they work best broken up in a bowl with kitchen matches and/or good lighter, if you wanna smoke. for vaping I reccommend a dynavap with bb9, helix tip, and armor cap because you can just put quite a tight pack in and get a massive rip, then eat the leftovers. The dry herb vape method works as well but you need flower or another herb to pad the pack.

  38. cheechcapone (verified owner)

    Wow. Might be my new favorite product. Unbelievable. Extremely potent. I can smoke and dab with the best of them but I’ve taken 2 hits so far and I’m feeling great. That’s literally the first time that’s happened lol. Also, might not look like 15 grams because it’s heavier than regular bud but it’s gonna last twice as long as an ounce would. Couldn’t recommend it more.

  39. Dennis Lewis (verified owner)

    Not my favorite, but they will get you baked.

  40. Mike G (verified owner)

    The Thca moonrocks are incredible I found the one, these hit hard, mixed in a joint with a regular strain takes you to the moon I love em best on the market thank you

  41. Chuck (verified owner)

    Please bring these back. Fire ❤️‍🔥

  42. Sean Merritt (verified owner)

    keep it lit

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