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Purple Baby Yoda Strain THCA BL TOP SHELF

(56 customer reviews)


Purple Baby Yoda

Our most beloved hybrid strain with a 20.9% THCA potency. It features vibrant, swampy green buds with a sweet, woody aroma, enhanced by tobacco and pepper undertones. Perfect for those seeking a focused, uplifted state.

Experience the Enchantment of the Purple Baby Yoda Strain

Step into a world of deep relaxation and engaging conversation with the Purple Baby Yoda Strain, a favorite among enthusiasts for its balanced hybrid qualities and significant cannabinoid content.

Key Features of Purple Baby Yoda

  • Potency: Boasts 20.9% THCA and a total of 22.48% cannabinoids.
  • Aroma: A complex bouquet of diesel and sweet tobacco, rounded out by woody and peppery notes.
  • Visuals: Bright, swampy green buds adorned with orange hairs and a golden trichome sparkle.

This strain, celebrated for its sedative yet stimulating effects, is often chosen for its ability to ease stress and enhance mood.

Why Choose JK Distro?

At JK Distro, it’s not just about selling products; it’s about ensuring unmatched quality and value. As a family-owned and driven company, we’re deeply invested in offering only the finest hemp products, sourced responsibly from our trusted farms and vendors. Our ISO 9001 certification stands testament to our commitment to excellence. When you choose JK Distro, you’re not just selecting a product, you’re embracing an ethos of integrity and premium quality. Choose us for a genuine, quality-driven experience.

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Precautionary Note:

If Cannabinoids affect you strongly, please think twice before using this product and always use responsibly. Ensure you’re in a safe environment and avoid tasks like driving or operating heavy machinery.

Hemp-derived products are legal at the federal level, but it’s always wise to consult local laws before consumption. Always consult with a healthcare professional before use. Remember, you must be 21 or older to purchase. Our products strictly adhere to Farm Bill guidelines, guaranteeing their legality. Privacy Policy

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56 reviews for Purple Baby Yoda Strain THCA BL TOP SHELF

  1. grogumastercockpump

    i love the grogu pack, me and my niggas be smoking that baby yoda kush on a daily, shit gets me high as fuck cuh. #Ireallymissmyniggas #FreeCristianoRonaldo

  2. SirWarf (verified owner)

    Love this I just got mine it taste strong gassy taste with a hint of grape very tasty good to relax and play video games 😄

  3. Cory Farmer (verified owner)

    The taste is amazing smells so good would buy it again all there products are amazing

  4. Cory Farmer (verified owner)

    Just amazing nice flavor.

  5. Jay Wood (verified owner)

    This is some frosty and purple smells and looks are wow and it got me slapped the f**k up it is excellent jk is on time you will love this.

  6. Jacob Kilson (verified owner)

    This is amazing flower. I hope you guys keep getting flower like this. SUPER dank. Buds are completely covered in white trichomes, smells great and tasted heavenly. Very potent. Definitely would buy more of this

  7. dustin.lampp (verified owner)

    Ok so when u pull out a bud it sparkles like diamonds structure 7
    Bag appeal 9+
    Smell 7
    Taste 8
    Effect 8
    Over all love this it’s unique and absolutely beautiful

  8. Kyng (verified owner)

    I like it. First time experience want like this. Gave it another go and I don’t regret the baby yoda

  9. Kyng (verified owner)

    Top notch. My first time experience wasn’t good. Decided to give it another go and I’m glad I did. This baby Yoda is niiccee!!

  10. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Stupid Fire Gas Exotic right here that Purple Baby Yoda is so beautiful covered in trichomes smells amazin smokes nice and very potent effects Real Deal top notch flower I’m impressed,and they way you treat your customers with the hookups and blessings is A+ quality as well overall everything is excellent thank you Jkdistro…. 💯🔥🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💯💪💪🤝🤝🔥🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🙏🙏🤞🤞✅️✅️

  11. Kyle Yousef (verified owner)

    Best looking buds! Effects are unmatched! You gotta get some of this!

  12. Doug (verified owner)

    This is the first flower that I bought here. This was a surprise to my wife who is a Star Wars fan for May 4th Star Wars Day. The flower is pretty smooth when smoked and the high is very “intergalatic”! The high is very euphoric and long. Love this shop!

  13. Teisha (verified owner)

    I ordered this for 420 for me and my closest friends to celebrate with and that we did. First the nuggs were huge and beautiful. It smoked smoothly and we were very lifted. Since then, 3 of my friends have ordered.

  14. Matthew Stansbury (verified owner)

    A great strain perfect all day smoke very fruity flavor very uplifting, effects. It is ounce worthy in my opinion, and I just ordered the 10 pack pre-rolls. Will be sure to get the flower.

  15. Matthew Stansbury (verified owner)

    If you like chilling, laughing, like a dumb ass and playing video games, eating lots of junk food. This is the strain for you.! 😂🤣 I bought the 10 pack pre-roll of this and wish I had bought in the ounce jar. I will be sure to buy a crap ton of this!

    I love your 10 pack pre-rolls. I always get the THCA. They are convenient and ready to go when I am. Sometimes they ain’t packed properly. I think shipping is the culprit. Easy to fix roll the joint on the table to loosen the Bud, pinch the end and shake it back-and-forth to re-pack and you’re good to go he might also have to grab the filter take your thumb and shit slightly up to close the air gap if it isn’t hitting good.

  16. Matthew Stansbury (verified owner)

    I mean push slightly up not shit

  17. finalbossthebandofficial (verified owner)

    looks smells and tastes great, thanks a ton jk!

  18. Chuckles (verified owner)

    This is zaza the smell in the room after, the taste all the way threw is yummy I’m mad that I can’t order a lot at one time 😭

  19. Willie Pullom (verified owner)

    Amazing and a must try! One of my favorites so far! J&K is the way!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  20. Willie Pullom (verified owner)

    Amazing and a must try! One of my favorites so far! J&K is the way!!!!

  21. Willie Pullom (verified owner)

    Amazing and a must try!

  22. Willie Pullom (verified owner)


  23. John Dough (verified owner)

    Incredible flower, can’t believe I can get this shipped to my door legally and it’s as crazy, it’s really nice nug structure looks 9/10 had the purple guts was nice I had one 4.18 gram nug still haven’t broke it down just too beautiful to not admire so far this is the best I’ve had but I’ve only tried el chapo (besides the samples) and id definitely say this is the most potent and best option.

  24. Julius (verified owner)

    And best strain so far to me. It’s hard to pick on this website. But I LOVE the flavor. And I LOVE the smell. And I LOVE the taste. And it was like taking a yurk. Lmfao

  25. john dough (verified owner)

    so far favorite ive tried from jk or any thca for that matter, got 1 huge 4.21 gram nug looks and smells like some real gas big steal for the price with discount code especially, big w’s from jk.

  26. CT (verified owner)

    I got a half O of the Purple Baby Yoda and it has got to be some of the most beautiful looking buds I have seen. The terps on this are GASSSSSS! Two hits and I was done. lol! Y’all gotta try this one, you will not be disappointed. In fact, Im going to get more:)

  27. padron2161 (verified owner)

    Out of a number of samples, this one was the one I have been looking for. Not sure where the “purple” comes in as what I got was light green, just he perfect shade. Higher percentage but I am one that thinks anything 17-30 is close to the same. The difference, for me, is the taste. You obviously get more enjoyment when you enjoy the taste and especially the “finish”. The taste that lingers. The finish is “gassy” and somewhat metallic, TO ME, and is what I prefer above all so this strain is one I have stocked up one.

  28. Calvin Burtman (verified owner)


  29. lemonsandrew367 (verified owner)

    Was really good fina order more

  30. duckhunt1171 (verified owner)

    This is a nice heavier type high. Very strong. Thca. 24% cann. 27.5% definitely worth an oz.

  31. Kaiwil better deal and 15% off.

  32. Shanteisha Simmons (verified owner)

    Omg! My favorite strain thus far from JK Distro. Got this strain for 420 this year because I just loved the name. My best friend and I was consuming all day (JK of course) and the minute we took one puff of the Purple baby Yoda…we looked at each other and said this is it. Now we tell everyone about JK and this strain. This is a MUST buy! PPP💗

  33. Dominick Cabal (verified owner)

    Super Fire!! Will order again for sure! Beautiful looking nugs that will blow your mind!

  34. Robert Hazelwood (verified owner)

    Insane visuals and aromas upon opening jar! Very well tended buds that leave you with a feeling of bliss. Elegant buds!!

  35. BRMc (verified owner)

    We Liking It Good. Actually Good Feeling Here.

  36. Josh (verified owner)

    Amazing all around. The presentation in the premium ounce jar is beautiful. The beautiful aroma hits you once you open the jar. The big fresh buds sparkling with trichomes, the amazing purple. Fantastic smoke, the taste and effects are amazing. The feeling is euphoric and uplifted but focused & sharp. I want this to be my regular smoke, don’t stop growing this one

  37. Justin Whaley (verified owner)

    Really gas ⛽️

  38. Andrew C (verified owner)

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 great strain!

  39. th.2005 (verified owner)

    Good chill out/wind down for the night type of smoke imo. Very flavorful as well, on exhale there’s a fruity/berry taste that makes for a pleasant smoke (smoked from a regular bleached Zig-Zag cone).

    Overall, for me personally it’s not exactly the feeling I’m looking for but I can’t deny that it’s pretty good. If you’re looking for a chill time this is a good strain for it.

    Also, as others have said, you get some pretty big nugs that feel almost criminal to break down and smoke, you just wanna admire how good they look.

  40. Bobby (verified owner)

    Excellent Results. Thank You.

  41. rextacyrush (verified owner)

    I have tried about a dozen strains from JK so far. PBY is on another level. Getting this on discount is a no brainer.

  42. rayfieldcoleman (verified owner)

    My first THCa and I enjoyed it!💜 I’m looking forward to trying out the others.

  43. mopey1077

    Absolutely fire! Would recommend 10/10

  44. rubenr7996 (verified owner)

    By far my favorite strain and preferred site for all the 🔥.
    It’s just got that purple taste and all around good dank smell. Can’t go wrong with this one.

  45. diamontehadley (verified owner)


  46. T.D (verified owner)

    High quality for sure

  47. SmokingPretty (verified owner)

    Got a gram of this and it was great!!!

  48. Dennis Lewis (verified owner)

    Will buy again. Great taste and very good high. Dog Shit is my favorite from here, but I love this as well.

  49. jasonhamilton92 (verified owner)

    Gas for your ass. Looks are crazy, smell is insane, taste is great, high is strong and balanced. If you like a heavy myrcene terp profile, big sluggish indica high, and picture worthy buds…this is a must have.

  50. Bacalaito (verified owner)

    This is so 🔥🔥 the earthiest hints with some pungent vibes… Love purple baby yoda

  51. TeeHCmamma (verified owner)

    The taste was great the effects were great, shipping was fast came 1day sooner than expected. Product a little dry but not bother for me really. I did make a second purchase

  52. Vernon Nelson (verified owner)

    Very Dank Purple buds!! Has a grape after taste when you exhale.. Effects are relaxing and on point! Defiantly one of my favorites .. Thanks JkDistro for another good strain !

  53. Bobby McCoy (verified owner)

    The Feeling Around Here Purple Baby Yoda Is Tha Boss. Way To Go. We Love It. Will Be Ordering Again.

  54. Katravious Allen (verified owner)

    So far the best strain that I’ve tried so far , I love Purple Baby Yoda !!!!

  55. Marcus (verified owner)

    After only being able to afford 3.5’s I finally got an ounce of this baby when they brought it back out on the 4th. I love grogu!!!! This super purple menace is such a delight. Makes my prerolls pop when pared with Forbidden Fruit or purple oasis. The flavor can be fruity and gassy depending on the mixes. This strain is definitely a go to on my list of quality premium jk hits.

  56. trina johnson (verified owner)

    one of my fave strains so happy grabbed a ounce as soon as I seen it was back in stock so tasty worth every penny.
    THANKS JK DISTRO!!!!!!!!

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