Ruby♦️Kush 2021

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 Ruby♦️Kush 2021

Farm Fresh harvested in late November 2020 and lab tested before Christmas🎄.  Beautifully grown in Northern California from USDA Farms. 

Bright green with ruby tint fiery red hairs and frosty trichomes. Medium sized, dense round and solid trim.

Distinctive woodsy and gassy nose with a hint of lemon. Dense Chunky sticky buds with beautiful size & structure. She’s one of the prettier flowers of the season! 

Sweet with woodsy earthy/organic kush undertones. Notes of kushy sweeter depths, a hint of cherry/berry 🍒 and at the finish a slight peppery spice. This balanced flavor fills heavy on the palate then releases a fresh piney finish.
“Very reminiscent of classic sweetness of legendary OG!” Agent J JKD

This delectable flower, like its Kush cousins, delivers a calm cerebral and warm body relaxation.

  • Hybrid
  • 22%+ Total cannabinoids
  • Over 18% CBD
  • Terpene - 1.8%
  • Moisture - 9.530%

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