Panama Red SEED (Exotic Indoor & Organic)

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EXOTIC 🏆 PANAMA RED SEED (Certified Organic Grown)

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Returning to the futuristic past! Indoor Exotic Premium and Certified Organic!

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💎 Certified Organic Grown 

Panama 🇵🇦 Red is best described as an old-school Hemp classic. Originating from Panama, this pure sativa rose to stardom in the late 1960’s thanks to its speedy and intense effects, bordering on psychedelic “OUT OF THIS WORLD” 🌍 

As hemp cultivation matured, Panama Red, which has a lengthy flowering time of at least 11 weeks, was left behind for faster growing strains and increased profits.

However, those who fondly recall days of its prominence love its smooth medicating experience and loftily contemplate its revival. If you can get your hands on this sentimental throwback, do not hesitate to groove down memory lane and enjoy the ride.

Effects & Response 

Great daytime buzz. Really great flavor. This landrace cut came from seeds that were popped in the 1970’s. A Peace Corp volunteer brought the seeds back from Panama. ☀️

Types: Sativa 2:1 CBD dominant 😁

Attributes: Uplifting, energetic, pain relieving 🌲

Flower Time: 70-84 days 🌱

Lineage: Panama Red: Open pollination of 12 females and 8 males that were between 2:1 and 4:1 CBD dominant.

Safety Tests:

Organic- Certified
Pesticides - PASS