Llama Kush 2021

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Llama Kush 2021 

Sungrown chunky nugs covered in frosty trichomes and lots of orange hairs. Medium sized, longer structure with mid density and clean trim hand cut results in a beautiful lot of Hemp Flower.

Smell notes are papaya, guava, cherry and a little sour. Danky pungent sweet aromas with balanced flavors profile. Very well rounded smelling and looking bud  

Very fruity nose and smoke pretty pleasant smoke. A little earthy as well, great for wake n bakes or night time pleasure.

Provides great relaxing effects while still allowing you to be functional throughout the day. Very balanced and tasty fat time hybrid 

Total Terpene: 1.4%

Primary terpenes:  Myercene, Beta-Carpho, Limonene and Pinene 


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