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Skywalker OG Delta 8ย flower is a beautiful hybrid hand trimmed. This highly-regarded CBD-dominant strain features a distinct kush-like flavor profile with fruity, piney, spicy and citrusy notes. Enriched with Hemp derived Delta 8 this flower will send you to the moon and back ๐ŸŒšย 

The dense, sticky buds of Skywalker OG provide powerful calming effects to help you relax when most needed. Very pretty bud structure and beautiful hand trimmed. These flowers were grown with love!

The Skywalker OGย Delta 8ย Hemp Flower strain hails from a famous cannabis lineage combining the CLASSIC indica marijuana strains Skywalker and OG.

Skywalker OG DELTA 8 hemp flower shares the terpene profile similar to its marijuana lineageย  Skywalker and OG. Its cannabinoid profile is different though, with a good CBD being the dominant cannabinoid 16.1%. This boutique lot comes in at 20.5% total cannabinoids.

Lineage -ย Skywalker and OG

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