Delta 8 Purple Lifter

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Delta 8 Purple Lifter (Potent)

With 12.5% Delta 8 Potency, Purple Lifter will leave you energized! Named after the iconic lifter cultivator, Mortgage Lifter, this hemp strain is grown indoors or in hemp environments with high quality organic practices.Users lifter an experience of gentle brain focus with a dash of energy.

The flavor of a lemony sweet funk gives an experience to be enjoyed either lifter or evening. We enriched this beutiful and chunky flower with Hemp Derived Delta 8!

Hemp buds have a Purp funky cheesy hemp when broken open then topped off flower a hint of fuel. Its sweet taste is reminiscent of earthy tropical fruits.

Therapeutic benefits extend to those looking for hemp pain relief from inflammations. Non-intoxicating.

"Big Chunky nugs with hints of purple scattered all over. The smell is very pleasant and reminds me of a sweet fruit with maybe a hint of some spice. Taste is very spot on with the smell. Immediately you get hit with a sweet almost grapey like taste thats followed through with almost a nice nutmeg/cinnamon note. Effects are very potent and kick in within the first few pulls. Starts immediately in the head and then melts into the body slightly to bring on a sativa like hybrid effect. Very Very pleasant and a perfect strain to start the morning/day with!" - Jake B