Delta 8 Pre Rolls - Taz’s Vibe

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Delta 8 - Taz’s Vibe Craft Batch Limited Edition PreRolls

For a limited time only JKDistro & Smoking Legal’s Taz have teamed up to create our ultimate Delta 8 Flower Experience!

Using premium Indoor Premium and Craft batch cultivated hemp flower strongly enriched(79mg/g) with Premium & Tested Hemp Derived Delta 8.

Inspired by Taz and his chill awesome and down to earth vibe! A balanced and gassy hybrid indoor flower with burst of berry & peach 🍑!  Very Chunky Deep Purple and Green Big Buds!!

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  • Test Results: ★★★★
    20% total cannabinoids and 8% Delta 8
  • Color: ★★★★
    Frosty bright green with exotic, deep purple pheno and light orange pistils
  • Structure & Trim: ★★★★★
    Small to medium sized, hard density, round and solid trim
  • Nose: ★★★★
    Gassy Berry & Peachy notes with gas and a hint of lemon
  • Seed Count: ★★★★★
    Potentially 0-2 seeds per 1 lb bag