Delta 8 Ice Cream Cake

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Delta 8 Ice Cream Cake 

Forget bingeing on bowl after bowl of fatty ice cream. Instead, light up a “bowl” of ultra-sweet, sugar-free Ice Cream Cake BBO XL nugs! While this DELTA 8 strain has zero calories, we guarantee you’re in for a delectable treat on-par with the real deal.

Hey, we’ve got nothing against ice cream, but last we checked it wasn’t exactly a “superfood.” Smoking an Ice Cream Cake DELTA 8  joint offers tokers a (somewhat) guilt-free way to indulge their sweet tooth. Plus, since this is an indica dominant strain, it’s ideal for use after dinner. Anyone who wants a vanilla-sweet, body-heavy high won’t be disappointed with Ice Cream Cake buds.

 This Ice Cream Cake DLETA 8 strain packs a punch offering all the gas and fire from its predecessor only now with a greener and lighter coloring. Amazing Terpene Profile: Pinene, Limonene and Myrcene 

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