Delta 8 Flower - Cookie 🍪 Monster California Gas ⛽️

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NEW Indoor Cookie 🍪 Monster  (Indoor Grown) 

California Gas  Super Loud & Gassy

Beautiful big & bold chunky indoor grown Cookies 🍪with enhanced Delta 8 THC (Hemp Derived).  A VERY indica-dominant hemp hybrid, this cultivar is a rare beautiful phenotype indeed!

Superior bud structure.🏆  Very Potent, one of our most strongest 🥊 flowers enriched with hemp derived Delta 8. This Strain is loaded with Minors (CBCa CBDVa CBGa CBDa THCA) this is a great representation of high cannabinoid, high Terpene Heaven!

Frosty BIG and sparkling light & dark green sugar nugs, all glistening with trichomes. Smokes really well with our 🍷 Sparkling NanoCBD Wine Bella Petitie!

Potency 🔥 (Test Date 10/9/21)

  • 13.8% D8 per mg/g(our most potent flower)
  • 112 of CBD Total mg/g
  • Minor amounts of CBGA, CBDA & CBD THCA
  • Terpenes 1.9% 

Taste your flower and the terponic palate of the flower!!! Vacuum Sealed in resealable bags and sealed in vacc pack for maximum freshness.

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