Delta 8 Commander K’s KUSH MINTZ

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 Commander K’s KUSH MINTZ


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🚀100.5 mg/g or 10% Delta 8 (HEMP DERIVED)

In the cannabis industry, some of the best strains can be characterized by the quality of their parent genetics. One strain who’s parents left with it their best traits is the Kush Mints flower.

A cross between Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, this relaxing strain may be the perfect way to end, or even start your day.

Kush Mintz Strain 

The Kush Mintz strain is known for its unique flavor and uplifting effects. From its Animal Mints parent, the taste has a distinct minty flavor, along with hints of pine and earth. Many people claim this strain has intense euphoric effects. In other words, you may be feeling happy, creative, and energized after smoking this strain.  


The Kush Mintz strain’s effects are potentially ideal for many uses. Because of its potentially creativity-boosting high, you might enjoy smoking this before sitting down to paint or draw. A walk in nature or hanging with friends would also suit this strain well. 

No matter what, this Kush Mintz is great for anybody looking for a potentially blissful and relaxing high.