Delta 8 Pre Rolls - Green Crack

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1 Gram Pre Roll of Delta 8 Green Crack Baby Flower 

Delta 8 Green Crack 

Classic Strain Green Crack Baby 👶 CBD Flower

👉🏾The Legend of Green Crack Video 

Humboldt Seed Organization introduced CBD genetics to a classic California strain by crossing California Orange CBD with Green Crack.

This tasty strain has large lime green colas that are covered in orange hair. Gas, mango, and citrus flavors are accompanied by pine and pepper undertones. Green Crack CBD makes for a pleasurable smoke for people looking for something  sativa leaning and balanced.

Green Crack delivers a rejuvenating boost. Ideal for daytime use, the distinctly citrus aroma followed by earthy undertones make Green Crack a true delight for the senses. This uniquely energizing strain may even replace your next cup of coffee! 

Potency 🔥 (Test Date 2/20/21)

  • 14mg of D8 per mg/g
  • 128 of CBG Total mg/g
  • Minor amounts of CBGA, CBDA & CBD THCA
  • Terpenes 2.1% Maui Waui Terpene 

Taste your flower and the terponic palate of the flower!!! Vacuum Sealed in resealable bags and sealed in vacc pack for maximum freshness.

Great for ultimate relaxation or help drifting off into a deep slumber. 😴