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🌞Doobiedreubie HotBox Unboxing Video

JKDistro is proud to announce our soft launch 🎉 for our monthly subscription box.

Cali HotBox Options:

  1. Flower Box - Mini (4 boxes -3.5g)
  2. Flower Box - Boss Box (6 boxes-3.5g)
  3. Wine & Flower Box - Mini(CBD Wine & 4 boxes)
  4. Wine & Flower Box - Boss Box (CBD Wine & 6 boxes & pre rolls)
  5. Stoner’s Delight[aka A Weekend at Bernie’s] (CBD Wine, 6 boxes, 2 Pre rolls, moon rock)
  6. Ladies Night Box (2 CBD Wine, 4 boxes & pre rolls)

April Flower & Hot🔥Box Menu:

🔴Space Invaders 

🟣Northern Lights

🔵Delta Space Force D8


🟢Grapefruit Punch

🟡Panama Red

🔴Cookie Monster D8

🟣Takilma Kush 

🔵Hawaiian Haze

🟠Peach Goliath

🟢Ruby Kush


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