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THCA Purple CrunchBerry (minis)



Purple CrunchBerry (MINIS) THCA from Encanto Green Cross is “Chong Certified” hybrid Hemp strain that brings blissful relaxation to mind and body. Much like the popular cereal that lends this strain its name, Purple Crunch Berry has a sweet fruity aroma counterbalanced by a hint of spice and gas. . With two famous strains in the mix, Purple CrunchBerry will surely offer something unique. This delicious strain has an OG gassy terpene profile backed by a sweet blueberry influence. Purple Crunch Berries is perfect for a sunny day in the park or a hike in the woods.

This bud has small frosty purple green rounded nugs with deep purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and amber colored crystal trichs that are decked in sticky resin. The Purple Crunchberry high has a mild full-bodied high that leave you uplifted and happy although lazy and not likely to accomplish much of anything. The high will infuse you with a sense of creative inspiration that leaves you feeling artistic and euphoric. This high is relatively long lasting and will keep you feeling good vibes for hours on end without becoming overwhelming.

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19 reviews for THCA Purple CrunchBerry (minis)

  1. Brian 76 (verified owner)

    Fire 🔥💪😎

  2. Brian 76 (verified owner)

    🔥💪😎💨💨🚀 fantastic

  3. Charlie Brunjire (verified owner)

    My favorite strain from JK! Tasty, Gassy, super chilled mood when toking. Either by itself or with a splash of shatter or crumble 🫠 you can never go wrong!

  4. les_sinister (verified owner)

    Holy Smokes all it Takes is a Couple Tokes , This Fire Ain’t No Joke

  5. Barry Overton (verified owner)

    Got he’ll buzz and so frosty just put new order for 30 try me box great deal good flower

  6. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    Very gas and super beautiful bud

  7. Maurice Manning JKAMB/JKVIP (verified owner)

    Everything about this Flower is just 🔥🔥….Straight Gas ⛽️..OZ Worthy

  8. todd loup

    straight gas

  9. dustin.lampp (verified owner)

    So this one is pretty good earthy sweet
    Structure 9
    Bag appeal 8
    Smell 7.5
    Taste 7.5
    Effect 8
    Over all a good strain love what you guys are putting out

  10. David Nehring (verified owner)

    Great taste, great buzz, this has to be one of my favorite buds from J&K. Though review is good, it’s actually really good ! Nothings perfect but you can be really good.

  11. Kyng (verified owner)

    Smooth burn. Aggressive buzz. This is 🔥💯

  12. James Fain (verified owner)

    very good ive bought around 5 to 6 oz but I made a order for 2 more and one of them had diffrent weed and wasnt purple at all.
    so i messaged them with pics and still waiting on a response very sad they havent even tryed to make it right. I also buy alot from them and still have continued to buy despite the mistake. I was giving them a chance to make it right but nothing so 5 for the crunchberries. but customer service is lacking as im still waiting on a response.

    • Admin

      Please give us a call direct 8004208597 we can get that fixed and exchanged asap

  13. Joe Giblin (verified owner)

    I say it’s good, but not perfect. I think I got a bad batch of crunch berries or something. The effect was still there, just no taste associated with it. Overall decent bud, would recommend if you wanna get baked.

  14. Kenneth Coney (verified owner)

    The Perfect Hybrid strain! Not to high or low you can still be productive, but if you hit it too hard or too long 😴. Smells 🔥 looks 🔥 J.K💯

  15. Ramona Martin (verified owner)

    This is just right! Goldilocks! Everything about this bud is perfection.

  16. Matt (verified owner)

    With every order an ounce of this should be with it holy crap. amazing beats everything at any dispensary I’ve visited.

  17. Matthew Stansbury (verified owner)

    This is top shelf! With every order I vow to at least have an ounce of this or more on top of what I usually order, which is just the pre-rolls THCa. I love pre-rolls. They are convenient and ready to go when I am. I always get the 10 packs.

  18. Fathighandhappy (verified owner)

    Amazing smoke, only thing I could judge is that it wasn’t as purple as I wanted, but like I said, amazing smoke👌!

  19. qbrizzo (verified owner)

    fire asf mayne i was stuck asf just off smokin 1 blunt

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