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THCA Flower ShortCake (Indoor)


THCA Flower ShortCake (Indoor)

Shortcake is a to-die-for dessert strain that will dazzle your tastebuds. Experience the incredible flavor of fruity berries and creamy vanilla in a pungent Indica strain. Featuring an unbeatable flavor profile from its combination of the Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene terpenes, Shortcake is a strain you’ll want to hit again and again. Shortcake’s unbelievable flavor will have you hooked. You’ll feel like a true gourmand when you try Shortcake’s exotic green and pink colored buds.

A delightful cross between the strains known as The White and White Wookie, Shortcake’s entrancing effects will transport you to a lovely paradise. This tingly, euphoric strain produces both cerebral and physical effects, leaving your mind and body in a blissful state. We recommend this strain for evening use, as its hypnotic effects will keep you quite occupied. Enhance your creativity, deepen your focus, and relax your body with this fire strain. With just one hit of this powerful strain, a wave of deep relaxation and calming energy will wash over you, invigorating your spirit.

Shortcake is an indica High THCA Hemp strain made by crossing White Wookie with The White. This strain provides euphoric effects that put your mind into a state of bliss. Shortcake features a strong and hearty berry flavor that will have you craving more. This strain is ideal for night time use or during an evening when you have nothing of importance to do.

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1 Gram, 3.5 G GLASS PREMIUM, 3.5 Gram Box TRY ME SPECIAL, 7 G GLASS PREMIUM, Half Ounce Glass Jar w/Integra Boost Pack, Ounce PREMIUM GLASS JAR

51 reviews for THCA Flower ShortCake (Indoor)

  1. Admin


  2. dezzy504baby (verified owner)

    This as well as lemon cherry Gelato are top notch must have

  3. Chris b (verified owner)

    Well packaged glass jar flower, so beautiful with glorious patches of bright orange hairs and the sweet aroma of fresh strawberries is amazing. They even gave me samples with my order, will definitely stick with JK from now on.

  4. J.B. (verified owner)

    The flower looked beautifully, but had a weird smell. I can’t really describe it, but on breakdown it was piney. The smoke was straight Gas. The effects were non existent. Many people love it, but I wouldn’t order it again personally. As usual shipping was SUPER fast.

  5. Jake Sapp (verified owner)

    I’ve had flower from dispo in Cali, Colorado, and Arizona. This is hands-down, the best flower I have ever smoked. I am in love

  6. Mark (verified owner)

    Amazing flower! Taste and effects are top notch.

  7. Alex

    Buds were so beautiful, i almost didn’t want to smoke them. Amazing smell.

  8. Robert Graham (verified owner)

    Some Buds Are Less Flavorful Than Others, Very Mild Sweet Flavor & Good Relaxant. Very Good For Rolled Smokables.

  9. Joan M Walthour (verified owner)

    In person, this looks and smokes like a sativa… wondering how this could actually be indica. It’s a great morning strain.

  10. bethiemama5 (verified owner)

    This was prolly my fav from JK so far, nice work

  11. Calvin Burtman (verified owner)

    Like a nice dessert smell is to die for and the taste has this nice og earthy taste

  12. oshitbread (verified owner)

    gas, i got a free gram of cereal milk too, jk distro doin it right

  13. Gabrielle Garcia JKAMB (verified owner)

    damn JK always providing!! really great for a nice chill evening!

  14. Valpo✌️ Diamond Ray


  15. Rakeem Moore (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the free sample will be trying again

  16. Valparaiso Diamond Ray

    For the second time it has definitely been my all-time favorite out of everything so far. I’m a tough one to please but I had to put another review on this. Kick ass! Thanks JK!

  17. Jesus Nieves

    Its just perfect

  18. todd loup (verified owner)

    nice bag appeal great taste grab a oz forsure

  19. William Porter (verified owner)

    Smells dank great taste

  20. freddiedash (verified owner)

    I got this after there alien and for me is better choice

  21. bellalaveau7

    Love this new generation strain very different

  22. js9002549

    top notch must buy

  23. Carl (verified owner)

    Some of the reviews are amusing. Every one of the exotics do the trick.Tasmanian and so chalk the best. Just the best.

  24. Brandon (verified owner)

    My favorite JK strain and I’ve had all them between me and my friend other then the peanut butter breath (which got confiscated by the USPS)Anyways, Let these buds cure with a boveda and sheeeeeeeesh. One month after buying and the sh*t is better then when I received it. The affects are top notch and the smell of this bud after it’s smoked is so foul (in a good way) it’s great! I prefer this sh*t almost over any of the buds at my local dispensary. Fire. Better grab that OZ

  25. Omar Hakmoun (verified owner)

    Super fire 🔥 oz worth fs

  26. paulmicheal649

    really really good

  27. greghopkins209

    great effects smells wonderful

  28. Alex Vazquez

    This that za fasho. Would def recommend if you like good smooth flavor.. Cure was on point and has that bag appeal off top. Smell is straight cherry lemon and could smell a lil different to certain people. Wasn’t too potent but I could tell it was more of a sativa and I enjoyed it cuz of the clean high. Overall a 8.75/10 and would recommend to a smoker, if you’re chasing a strong high then this is not for you. The other strains will do.

  29. ellispartrick926

    smooth with good cure..

  30. renetros0

    lil pepper .but fire

  31. louisdanos7

    great strain

  32. robojones9

    no complaints here

  33. robojones9

    no complaints

  34. Megan Davis

    ***** 5/5
    Soooo pretty!
    Tasted good.
    Had a good mellow high.
    Recommended for sure!
    Better tell your friends an family that this is the site to visit, forget about being out and can’t find any. Because this place is legit!
    Yes, the free samples are amazing very worth it.
    Along with every THCA product.

  35. dericksmi513

    Nice taste and smell with great bag appeal

  36. justinfil328

    Lil pepper but great smoke beauty

  37. Rayme Shrade (verified owner)

    Your thca flowers are superb. Great prices, huge buds with huge effects. Strawberry Shortcake is great for morning, noon, or evening. This is one that’s not for the Newbie smoker. Diamond Ray loves jk!

  38. Al K.

    Bought some prerolls of this. Good anytime strain. Decent vibes!

  39. billyappole22

    great product

  40. Gabrielle Garcia JKAMB (verified owner)

    Smoking this now and I love it!! sO EUphoric!

  41. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  42. reggiec451

    hands down some best products from jk

  43. Rufus Anderson JKVIP (verified owner)

    Definitely an indica. Smoke this in the evening because it had me dosing off on the couch.

  44. ch3775290


  45. db202695

    straight gas

  46. rs8680515

    nice pepper taste gas skunkess

  47. rs8680515

    frosty trichomes

  48. MR. K

    Made my nose tingle with the peppery note. Nice stuff.

  49. Karen Baker (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorites…smells and tastes so good that this is a must have in my stash

  50. ballowbrett

    straight gas beauty

  51. Rayme Shrade (verified owner)

    Not my cup of tea but the shortcake flower is definitely my girlfriend’s absolute favorite. With the steady balance of THC a as well as CBD And of course the numerous other cannabinois , it is totally Is turpine Terrific excellent JK!

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