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THCA Flower Gush Mintz Super Gas


THCA Flower Gush Mintz Super Gas

Gush Mintz Super Gas THCA is a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid strain cross of Kush Mintz and the combination of F1 Durb and Gushers, bred by Bay Area-based (our Home) Purple City Genetics. As a culmination of multiple popular Cookies family strains, Gush Mintz exhibits many of their beloved attributes: EXTREMELY gassy, sweet terps with piney notes; dense, dark green and purple nugs coated in trichomes; and a body-zapping high that puts the mind at ease. You might not get much done, but you’ll feel great doing it.

Our Gush Mintz is dialed in so well. VERY Gassy, sweet strains are the specialty, with the Fritter Mints being on par with the Gush Mintz and their run of the ever-popular Ice Cream Cake as good as anything you’ve ever had

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1 Bulk Pound, 1 Gram, 1 Quarter Pounnd, 3.5 G GLASS PREMIUM, 3.5 Gram Box TRY ME SPECIAL, 7 G GLASS PREMIUM, Half Ounce Glass Jar w/Integra Boost Pack, Half Pound, Ounce PREMIUM GLASS JAR

64 reviews for THCA Flower Gush Mintz Super Gas

  1. Travis Martin (verified owner)

    Gas! Oz Worthy!!!

  2. todd loup (verified owner)

    Smells nice diesel gas ⛽ like smell .. pretty light green nugs

  3. Christopher Davis

    SmoKING!! With a capital KING!! That’s because J&K handle every order like a pro. My order always ships same day I order and I have never received any other package quicker than I do with every single order I place with J&K Distro. Most companies take 2 days just to put your product in the mail
    Quality, Service, Speed and The Best Price You Can Find for what all you recieve.
    This bud is outstanding!! It has super strong nose appeal and when ground up has some delicious cheesy fruit. The flavor is outstanding and this flower has received a grade A flush to give you this bright lime green chunks of flower with a flavor you can’t ever grow old of.
    If you put a LED light on the bud you can really observe and admire the blue hues and thc crystals covering this beauty!!
    6/5 Stars 3 Thumbs up
    Manicured Nicely Too

  4. Nathan Grady (verified owner)

    Hi everyone. Wow. This strain is mesmerizing to say the least. Has a straight diesel aroma when you open the jar. I bought half OZ . I should have got a full one. You can taste the diesel in a joint perfectly. This is no joke in the potency department. 10/10 . I was zoning out after about the 3rd pull. Also has a slight undertone of ripe fruit that was amazing. Definitely getting this one again. I would not recommend this if you are a beginner; way too strong. Peace everyone.

  5. Joshua Santiago

    Love THCA flower they’re so amazing to smoke them

  6. devon910525 (verified owner)

    New favorite

  7. Joan M Walthour (verified owner)

    Great strain imo. Appearance, smell, flavor, and effects are all grade A. Wondering what happened to the Swamp Moss bc I didn’t get to try it. Really hoping California Fruit Salad comes back. Its effects were the most euphoric. Anyway can’t go wrong with this Gush Mintz!

  8. dezzy504baby

    This one got some funk.

  9. Josiah

    It came pretty dry but I could immediately notice how frosty it looked, and it still smelled gassy. Put some Boveda packs in and rolled a blunt. My tolerance is high and this hit me hard, I couldn’t even finish the blunt

  10. Benef Medlock (verified owner)

    Very minty to me and smooth. Has a earthy smell with a hint of cut grass and mint. Made me very relaxed and happy

  11. Calvin Burtman (verified owner)

    Not bad pretty good smell and taste

  12. Jim (verified owner)

    Very smooth smoke, heavy Indica vibes. Slightly sticky, healthy buds. This one is a keeper!

  13. bethiemama5 (verified owner)

    a lil minty for me, but it still gets ya pretty blasted

  14. Steve Bo

    Got this as a sample in my order. 10/10 skunky, fruity, delicious, leaves a pleasurable stinging sensation in the nose on the exhale reminiscent of other more sour strains I’ve had in the past. This is a tie with LCG and Witch’s Brew for my favorite so far! Effects are beautiful, balanced head to body, teeth feel slightly numbed, headband effect. Smoke is smooth.

  15. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    as for the flower, it’s strong stuff. Nice mint/gas flavor. Great effects for sleep. As for customer service, you guys really should list all THCA flower THCA % content. Also tracking numbers for shipment should be emailed to us. It’s like pulling teeth trying to find the tracking #. Lastly, the descriptions of the products are really confusing and sometimes contradictory, complete with typos.

  16. Ramona Martin

    Very mild while smoking. THEN…BAM! Wonderful relief!

  17. rrlangieri (verified owner)

    definitely smells super gas, strong diesel, sour like aroma. Tastes very peppery/earthy with very light citrus after taste and minty-cooling taste on the inhale. effect is quite relaxing and sedative. buds look great, nice and frosty and very nice trim, over all 4/5 stars, if you love that peppery/gelato flavor than maybe a 5/5

  18. William Porter

    Pretty good

  19. freddiedash

    To me this is in the same realm as kush mintz so if you like that you’ll like this one for sure.

  20. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    I got a 3.5 try me box and the second I opened it nothing but a sweet gas smell hit me in my face it’s very loud and the taste is so good on this one my favorite so far really recommend

  21. bellalaveau7

    Try me box very loud very surprised

  22. js9002549

    strong high

  23. Al K.

    The effects are great. Very mood stabilizing, and calming. Great for unwinding at the end of the day or just before bed. The taste is gassy and sour with a hint of mint in the background. It is not my favorite taste but its definitely not bad!

  24. jonalan67 (verified owner)

    Very good flower. A little on the stimmy side

  25. paulmicheal649

    very strong high

  26. Jesus Nieves

    I will try it soon heard good reviews on this strain

  27. greghopkins209

    loud and very poweful

  28. therealark369 (verified owner)

    Just got an oz in today had some shipping issues but customer service is excellent and fixed it asap I highly recommend this strain potency and smell is a1

  29. ellispartrick926

    strong strong loud gas smell

  30. renetros0

    straigh loud gas

  31. louisdanos7

    cant hide this better seal it lol

  32. robojones9

    gas fire dank skunk very impressed

  33. marley (verified owner)

    always 5 stars for me. i’ve gotten a HP of every thca strain and i’ve never been disappointed. i would recommend ppl buy this while it’s still possible. also would say it would be smart for J&K to keep making these thca strains.

  34. robojones9

    gas fire dank skunk

  35. Seth Fleharty

    It’s minty but in a good way,
    my dad gave me some of his sample of it and I like it a lot, the kush mintz are better imo though.
    This is really good though I definitely recommend

  36. Megan Davis

    ***** 5/5
    Pretty looking!
    Smell is strong!
    Tasted good.
    Had a good mellow high.
    Recommended for sure!
    Better tell your friends an family that this is the site to visit, forget about being out and can’t find any. Because this place is legit!
    Yes, the free samples are amazing very worth it.
    Along with every THCA product.

  37. Michael Stickley (verified owner)

    I am really impressed with this strain. The smell is a skunky gas right as I opened the bag. The buzz is there too. If you have not tried this one yet I recommend it.

  38. dericksmi513

    Loud skunk smell dank ⛽ strong high I recommend this

  39. Travis Martin (verified owner)

    So Good I’m back for a QP. One of the best strains right now on the menu. JK winning. I’m telling yaw!!!

  40. CT (verified owner)

    Super Gas is right on the money with this strain. Top notch effects and the buds are beautifully trimmed and cultivated. 10/10!

  41. Al K.

    I rated this a 4/5 so it would stay on the menu longer. LOL. No, but real… It ended up in my top 5 for 2022 and I have to rerate it to 10/10. This is QP worthy!

  42. Brian 76

    Gas and funky fruit strong effects

  43. Rayme Shrade

    One of my first and definitely favorites of the THCA flower. Stinky, nice huge lime green buds, and definitely a 10 out of 10. It is in my top three of course! You can’t go wrong with this one. Thanks jk!

  44. Dave (verified owner)

    I received this as A sample , all I can say is is you like gassy potent strains jump on A large purchase of this , it’s deffinatelty OZ. worthy.

  45. billyappole22

    great product

  46. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  47. reggiec451

    hands down some best products from jk

  48. Ric (verified owner)

    Straight gas

  49. ch3775290


  50. andrew yarbrough (verified owner)

    Absolutely fire, great time to be alive!

  51. db202695

    straight gas

  52. rs8680515

    top notch flower

  53. rs8680515

    frosty trichomes

  54. MR. K

    Got this one early when it dropped and has been one of my favorites since.

  55. Eric Hingsbergen (verified owner)

    Great smoke!!! Fast shipping on point jk!!!

  56. Henry Nimons (verified owner)

    I bet it is as good as I hope it is even better

  57. Admin

    Nice and gassy on the break down!

  58. ballowbrett

    straight gas beauty

  59. Jerry Perkins (verified owner)

    This came in a sample pack and I was blown away by the look, smell, taste, and effects. Ordered an oz that arrived in two days. Oz worthy!!

  60. Eli anungazuk (verified owner)

    Thanks for the order and great service. Great Business 5/5 A+.

  61. anthony (verified owner)

    I really like this. The flower was easy to break up by hand, burns very nicely and packs a hell of a punch. This ones going on my ” Get More” list.

  62. VICKIE (verified owner)

    This strain knocks me on my ass and I love it.

  63. Jose

    Strong high liked mixing it with cerial milk it was ⛽️ 10/10🔥

  64. Christopher Davis (verified owner)

    I keep coming back for these go to strains!! I’ve been impressed with J&K’s flower for awhile and I’ve had great success with this strain treating my anxiety and PTSD. I’m really liking all the mew strain coming out lately too.

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