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*Prettiest Flower Award*

CARTEL THCA is an aptly named Indica-dominant hybrid strain of Hemp. The genetics on this strain are a bit iffy, with some citing the genetics as being unknown while others claim the strain to be a cross between Face Off OG x SFV OG x OG Kush. Likewise, no one knows who the first person was to create this wonderful strain. Regardless, CARTEL (AKA El Chapo OG) is a potent powerhouse flower that is sure to kick your ass on even the best of days. This strain consistently tests for THCA levels exceeding 19%, adding to its legacy of power.

CARTEL buds are quite wonderful in that they all grow in the same dense, round structure that makes them very easy to pick out. These forest and super mint green nugs are wrapped from head to toe in thick orange hairs and covered in a blanket of sparkling trichomes. Lots of Dark Purple Patches Throughout current batch (October 2022) making this our Prettiest Flower on the menu! If the look of these beautiful buds isn’t enough to entice you to take a hit, the aroma will have you flicking a lighter befor


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1 Bulk Pound, 1 Gram, 1 Ounce BBO Glass Jar, 1 Quarter Pounnd, 10 gram glass jar w/Integra Boost Pack, 3.5 G GLASS PREMIUM, 3.5 Gram Box TRY ME SPECIAL, 7 G GLASS PREMIUM, Half Pound

75 reviews for THCA Flower CARTEL – EL CHAPO

  1. CT (verified owner)

    Wow, I have never had this strain before but hands down this is some of the best THCA Flower I have had to date. The train wreck had #1 spot until Cartel arrived! Straight Gas! I will be ordering more of this and JK Distro never disappoints! Always super fast shipping! A++++++!!!

  2. Steve

    First experience with thca with the free sample. Blew the BM BS out the water and convinced my lady there’s a safer, more affordable way. Only thing I’m skeptical of is the bad press but if jk delivers this same quality for their bulk amounts and answers customer service queries quickly and compassionately, this is a BANGER.

  3. Brandon Adam

    This stuff is really potent. Going from D8. or HHC to this is night and day. Feels just like regular dank weed.

  4. Kelvin WILSON

    I received this as a free sample and it just blew me away! I kid you not, I was zooted after the second inhale. It packs a MF punch; very savory on the inhale and exhale. Perfect for my back and joint pain. Next time I will probably mix it with a less potent strain. Overall, a solid choice!

  5. zv (verified owner)

    5 stars

  6. Johnathan

    Wow these guys have good stuff! The cartel looks so great. Not joint friendly however hard to break up by hand.

  7. Josh (verified owner)

    Super stinky and VERY potent! Dwamn!!

  8. Benef Medlock (verified owner)

    This was in my first order from JK. Very pleased the taste to me was just gas and earthy. Great head high and helped we with the nerves.

  9. James (verified owner)

    Very solid strain. Love these thca flowers lately.

  10. Nathan Grady (verified owner)

    Hi. I bought an OZ of Cartel THCA flower and I am super impressed and mesmerized by this strain. I have tried many products from JK but this is just amazing. I used to smoke cannabis for years and I can tell you I could not tell it was hemp. It is stunning and beautiful. The smell is of straight dank.. I can only smoke about a 1/3 of a joint before I am lit. Thanks JK. Hope everyone gets to try this.

  11. NWO (verified owner)

    Easily distributable.

  12. Dwayne joubert (verified owner)

    Nice balance flower.,,check out youtube review…..https://youtu.be/CH7LiIOdOr0

  13. J.B (verified owner)

    My new favorite! Very relaxing strain. Great after a long day when you just want to chill and unwind, but without coach lock. JK’s shipping time is unmatched.

  14. ericdwilliams27@gmail.com Williams

    FIRE I got as a sample and it’s absolutely beautiful the big buds have to look insane this one of them that start dancing when you turn the flash on a camera😭🔥⁉️

  15. Tanner Doherty

    Got my free samples today and I am totally blown away. Top notch stuff and good customer service. I can’t wait to make my first purchase here.

  16. Dylan Baldwin (verified owner)

    Got a oz and by far the strongest I’ve had from them and I’ve tried a lot wedding crashers was my favorite until I tried this definitely will be getting another oz or 2

  17. Travis Martin (verified owner)

    Was shocked when I saw the beauty of this flower. I purchased an oz. Very danky smell. The buds look like sugar is all over them. This is by far the prettiest flower thus far!! Ranking My Top 3= Cartel/44 Obama Runtz/Wedding Crashers. JK keep doing what yaw do. Can’t beat prices or shipping times!!!

  18. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Most definitely some of the prettiest flower I’ve had the pleasure of trying! Top 3 strain of JK’S for me. Smells like wedding cake (dank and creamy) with a blast of tropical fruit.

  19. devon910525 (verified owner)

    Smells great and effects are good

  20. Jeff Sparto (verified owner)

    Purple punches you right in the face. Debbie downer deliciousness. Melts your face off very very strong. Never look to go anywhere else. I’m so baked the qp~ looks great. Do not drive or operate machinery while using this product!!!

  21. bethiemama5

    super skunky, and i only had the free sample of this one. it def made me wanna get a big one though

  22. Matt (verified owner)

    Excellent flower, very pleased with my purchase. Will most definitely be ordering again in the near future.

  23. todd loup (verified owner)

    nice kush dankness

  24. d93mccauley

    I received a free 1 gram sample of “Cartel”. Fragrant nugs with an even more intense scent once ground. You have to try it to believe how good it is.
    The smell of the smoke on the exhale is a definite head turner! I don’t know how they source such great products. This El Chapo OG definitely chopped my ass down to size! 2 thumbs up! 👍🏿👍🏿

  25. Calvin Burtman

    Loved the sample nice solid high

  26. Giovanni D Canales (verified owner)

    this was definitely up there for me but not as strong as some of the ones my friends have showed me but for sure the nicest looking and smelling. perfect night time and relax time strain

  27. freddiedash (verified owner)

    This stuff is pungent on the nose and hits hard. Ready to order again

  28. Eric Hingsbergen (verified owner)

    Straight gas!!! Fire

  29. Giovanni D Canales (verified owner)

    Top notch strain, loved the effects and smell. the prettiest flower for sure. JK Distro for the WIN!!!

  30. earnhartcolby85

    This strain is great for anytime day or night it gets you right and ready to take on the day nice taste light on the lungs if your curious about what to pick don’t be hesitant to try it and go for the oz glass jar at minimum because you’ll regret that you didn’t when you see the great flower inside.

  31. dezzy504baby (verified owner)

    Besides the indoor strands this is my favorite

  32. Brian 76

    THCa cartel 🔥blew me away 💪😎

  33. James D smith

    Very potent good stuff can’t tell from stuff off street

  34. Valpo✌️ Diamond Ray

    el Chapo?? EL CHOPPED ME UP!!!

  35. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    Got a sample of this a few weeks ago and it was very good beautiful buds

  36. Carl (verified owner)

    Without a doubt, the best hemp I have found anywhere in the country. No more looking around.,I couldn’t be happier.

  37. Carl (verified owner)

    With El chapo on hand,what a great xmas.

  38. todd loup (verified owner)

    one the best hands down

  39. William Porter

    Great one of the best

  40. bellalaveau7

    Beautiful smell and flowers 🏵️🌹

  41. js9002549

    very good effects

  42. Carl (verified owner)

    Happy new Year to all heads. This review is easy. By far the best flower I have smoked. The folks I have turned on can’t believe it.bye bye Street guys. Thanks JK for being there.

  43. Carl (verified owner)

    Life with the cartel is now complete.

  44. Brandon

    One of the better offerings! Buds are very pretty. Effects are perfect for me at the end of the night. I did let them spend some time with a few bovedas. Definitely helped bring some fluffiness back to the beautiful buds!

  45. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    Gonna buy some more soon

  46. paulmicheal649

    kush taste was tasty

  47. greghopkins209

    all ogs in this hits hard

  48. ellispartrick926

    one best on menu

  49. renetros0

    nice kush smell and effects where there

  50. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    Got a sample before but about to order 7 gram’s will update

  51. Eric Hingsbergen (verified owner)

    Straight gas!!

  52. louisdanos7

    beatiful kush dank taste

  53. robojones9

    kush taste was there on exhale with dank on exhale

  54. robojones9

    kush taste was there on exhale

  55. Megan Davis

    ***** 5/5
    Very pretty!
    Tasted good.
    Had a good mellow high.
    Recommended for sure!
    Better tell your friends an family that this is the site to visit, forget about being out and can’t find any. Because this place is legit!
    Yes, the free samples are amazing very worth it.
    Along with every THCA product.

  56. Brian Johnson (verified owner)

    Very smooth , very relaxed feeling I get when I sit back and burn one after a look day at work ! One of my new favorites for sure

  57. Daniel

    Really enjoyed this bud def some gas really strong smell on this one transfers into the taste. Potency very high one bong pack and you feel the pressure in ur lungs.Looks great light greens with some light purple and healthy trichome coverage and development. Nice bud structure and trim. My only complaint is the nugs were a bit small considering a got a quarter o shouldve maybe got at least one bigger nug but regardless was still good. Maybe if you got an ounce there would be bigger buds maybe this strain does not grow very large nugs but they were nice and dense, soft and fresh. Came with boost pack which was nice and glass jar tho. Overall 9.8 / 10 if it came with bigger top cola couldve been perfect score quite impressive buds

  58. dericksmi513

    Kush good looks and taste hits hard on lungs fire

  59. Nitty

    I received this as a sample ounce worthy jk hit this one out the park . Don’t get rid of this strain Nice effects smooth indica effect but not too indica but just perfect to where you’re just good

  60. Al K.

    This is an original of JK. One of the first I tried. And one that put JK on the map for me! Love it!

  61. Jim

    fast shipping as always by JK. This is a nice balanced, old time classic weed tasting strain. Strong skunk smell. Smooth and potent. Can’t go wrong with this one. DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND DRY VAPE. Anyone who hasn’t used a dry herb vape, you don’t know what you’re missing! The sample I received tested at 21% THCA, .215 CBD. I Wish JK would start listing THCA percentages on their strains.

  62. Diamond 🔹 one

    Very unique and potent

  63. billyappole22

    great product

  64. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  65. reggiec451

    nice strong high

  66. Kris Taje (verified owner)

    This did it for me 💯

  67. ch3775290


  68. db202695

    straight gas

  69. Jaret Hostetter (verified owner)

    Wow, cartel packs one heck of a punch! Little nugs with some stem but worth it non the less! 100% will be ordering again soon!

  70. rs8680515

    top notch flower

  71. rs8680515

    frosty trichomes

  72. MR. K

    Taste like some of the very first OG strains I tried! Definitely in my collection!

  73. Rayme Shrade (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite sense I was a Newbie many moon to go!

  74. gerry.martinez (verified owner)

    I went with a 4 pack of “try me out” strains, “Cartel-El Chapo”, using my Solo2 brings out the great taste, mostly diesel, woody, pine and some spicey herbal were noted, the high was immediate and kicks your ass, a “couch locker”… I’ll be trying more of these great strains

  75. jonathan3579 (verified owner)

    Great strain. The smell isn’t super potent but it does have a slight gassy smell. Definitely will have you lifted and relaxed.

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