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THCA Flower Apricot Gelato


About Apricot Gelato THCA FLOWER

THCA Apricot Gelato, also known simply as “Apricot Gelato,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Gelato #1 X Legend Orange Apricot strains. A super sweet indica that will have you feeling kicked back in no time at all, THCA Apricot Gelato is a great choice for any indica lover. Like its name suggests, this bud has a super sweet and syrupy creamy lemon apricot flavor with hints of sugary tree fruits and sour citrus. The aroma is very similar, with a sour lemony overtone that’s sweet and fruity at the same time.

THCA Apricot Gelato high is just as delightful, with euphoric and lifted effects that will have you flying high for hours on end. You’ll feel tingly with a sense of arousal that also offers a hefty boost of self-esteem. As you fly high feeling good about yourself, you’ll also find a relaxing body high wash over you that keeps you kicked back for hours on end without causing too much sedation at all. Combined with its high 17-26% average THCA level, these effects make THCA Apricot Gelato perfect for treating conditions such as PTSD, chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia and depression.

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1 Bulk Pound, 1 Gram, 1 Ounce BBO Glass Jar, 1 Quarter Pounnd, 10 gram glass jar w/Integra Boost Pack, 3.5 G GLASS PREMIUM, 3.5 Gram Box TRY ME SPECIAL, 7 G GLASS PREMIUM, Half Pound

46 reviews for THCA Flower Apricot Gelato

  1. chevis.shelton

    I can’t wait to get my order. I’ve seen so many great reviews on YouTube, I just can’t wait. I’m so excited!!!

  2. A Frazier (verified owner)

    I am such a Sativa girl and this one just… hits different. It smells divine, it smokes so smoothly and the effects are phenomenal! I will forever order this as long as it is in stock. I was having an awful last few days being in mania and running out of THCA from JK… it was bad. I smoke to help with the typical neurodivergent struggles that meds will never help and I rely on it as my meds. It has also helped me heal from an injury that my surgeons told me I would be on pain management for the rest of my life. JK will forever be my lifeline and they truly don’t know how much their products help people like myself with permanent injuries and mental health needs! This stuff is so light, crisp and fresh in smell and taste. I love that I could be having the worst day but after a few tokes of this and I get into happy and need to dance mode (not even kidding). I was able to jump on the trampoline with my 8 year old after smoking it and we even played some badminton while being out in the backyard with our 7 dogs for 4.5 hours. I was happy and just in the best mood while I felt the head high. Definitely a favorite for me. 10/10 recommend!

  3. Steve Bo

    My sample smelled like straight skunk and apricots. I loved it. The apricot flavor came through with almost a grapefruit flavor under it. Great for getting active or chilling and socializing!

  4. Anthony

    Got this with my order as a sample pack, really smooth smoke and the scent went away quick and didn’t leave a nasty after smell of smoke

  5. Joan (verified owner)

    Strain took awhile to grow on me but I’m really enjoying it. The high definitely hits different but in a good way. It creeps up and hits with a pleasant hazy tingling that fades into a heavy and sleepy buzz. Taste is great, too. So far, California Fruit Salad and Guava were my faves. Sample of Cartel was pretty good, too.

  6. Benef Medlock (verified owner)

    I got a touch of fruity notes but not real strong not gassy at all. Pleasant to smoke.

  7. Kelvin W. (verified owner)

    Definitely a fun one to smoke. The smoke was smooth and even though there was tart sweetness in the flavor, the smoke had a classic weed smell to it. The effects were amazing-a warm feeling spread through my achy joints and any anxiety dissolved. The high faded away into a lovely relaxation. You don’t have to think twice about this one. Go for it!

  8. Eric Latiff

    My favorite strain so far. Smell, taste, effects. Very enjoyable.

  9. Eric Latiff

    My favorite strain so far. Smell, taste, effects. Very enjoyable.First strain I tired from JK,(many since) all has been excellent. This still my favorite, can’t wait for some more.

  10. spades560

    I got this as a sample with my order cant go wrong with this strong smooth all around good bud

  11. Tanner Doherty

    Got my free samples today and I am totally blown away. Top notch stuff and good customer service. I can’t wait to make my first purchase here.

  12. Rah Bell (verified owner)

    Now this right here is a staple for all flower on this site. It’s aroma is warm and creamy with a hint of that fruit scent. This strain is very tame in regards to it’s smell, as for it’s taste???? As soon as you spark up; all you smell is apricot, it’s amazing. It’s flavor is very notable when you exhale. Perfect strain for chilling and sitting back, you’ll feel extremely relaxed. 10/10

  13. Seth f

    Different but great smell.
    It’s strong, I like it alot.smoking it in a blueberry wrap and it’s got an apricot taste it’s really odd but in a fantastic way.

    The effects smoked are like real and it’s smooth.

  14. dezzy504baby

    Had the sample this is a must buy!

  15. Rayme Shrade

    Yet again JK has SURPASSED others. Soo fruity and gassy!! Perfect flower for easy evening energy and enthusiasm. Right on, JK!!

  16. todd loup

    nice nose on this one

  17. Calvin Burtman

    Nice sweet taste the sample I got had delta 8 as well nice hard hitter

  18. CT

    I got this one as a sample and I love it. The buds are nice and the effects are top notch. The terpene profile is a piney mix of goodness. I am going to have to order more of this one for sure! Another amazing strain from JK!

  19. earnhartcolby85

    This strain I would recommend for those who struggle with ptsd as I do myself and anxiety. I’ve tried alot of different strains and this one I loved for the fact that instant mood stabilizer feeling. The buds are nice big thick don’t let the darker green fool you because if your one of those who believe light green is the only green think again this strain is wonderful grab yourself at least qt to a oz of this because you’ll cherish every bit of it.

  20. Nitty

    This one right here hits different soon as you start toiking u start to get happy and I just got a sample today will be buying this one taste real good also

  21. Nitty

    This one right here hits different soon as you start toiking u start to get happy and I just got a sample today will be buying this one taste real good also

  22. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    Sample I had got was really good 10/10

  23. RAN3IIK (verified owner)

    The smell of this flower, reminds me of sour diesel. So I didn’t really like that. But the effects made up for it. Has fruity but yet, sour on the back end.

  24. Rakeem Moore (verified owner)

    I’m always interested in anything gelato can’t wait to grab a grabba, cut that paper route frank on and vibe

  25. William Porter (verified owner)

    Gelato great taste

  26. oshitbread (verified owner)

    ive tried many strains from JK Distro, ive had pretty much all except the new ones and man i gotta say gelato and medellin columbian gold are BY FAR the most consistent and relaxing flavors on the site. every bud is impeccable in flavor, smell, smoke and effects. if you’re looking for something that wont whack you out of the park but will still give a 10/10 euphoria theb this is for you

  27. freddiedash

    This is one my favorite strains they have. Looking forward to getting more when I can

  28. bellalaveau7

    Musky plus sweet taste

  29. louisdanos7

    nice smell great looks good high

  30. robojones9

    sweet nice pine smell looks kind of dense

  31. robojones9

    sweet nice pine smell

  32. Megan Davis

    ***** 5/5
    Tasted good.
    Had a good mellow high.
    Recommended for sure!
    Better tell your friends an family that this is the site to visit, forget about being out and can’t find any. Because this place is legit!
    Yes, the free samples are amazing very worth it.
    Along with every THCA product.

  33. dericksmi513

    Great smell very nice taste only reason I put 4 stars cause it came with delta 8 in it ..but still was way better than expected for having d8 in the mix

  34. billyappole22

    great product

  35. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  36. reggiec451

    I’m really enjoying it

  37. ch3775290


  38. Jason

    Amazing smell, The Apricot really does come through on the back end. It hits really smooth great for my Anxiety.

  39. db202695

    straight gas

  40. rs8680515

    top notch flower

  41. rs8680515

    great flower afordable

  42. Seth Fleharty (verified owner)

    Thca is 18.471 with a tiny bit of d8

    This is good, really good.
    I like it better than the sample of the newer kind they sent.

    I tried like 5 kinds last night with this being one and this was my favorite with the others from a dispensary excluding the California truffle
    This seems to hit right where I want it.

    A lot of strains have this head effect I absolutely do not enjoy at higher amounts but this one doesn’t do that.
    You feel it but it’s cleaner in effects.

    The taste is always on point as well.
    But that smell is fantastic as usual.

  43. ballowbrett

    straight gas beauty

  44. kevin venable

    Excellent. Very potent on effects and smell. This does have delta 8 in it(fyi)

  45. Victoria Ridley (verified owner)

    Yaaaasssss, this is the one!! Taste great and the feeling was on point. Well purchase this one again.

  46. kalaitzidis.ik (verified owner)

    Very good.

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