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Smalls & Shake Value Ounce Box


Smalls & Shake Value Ounce Box

We have saved all of the shake from our operation and are offering it to you at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Trimmed over fine mesh to collect and fresh popcorn budlets this product has never touched the ground. Packed with the high quality you’ve come to know and love this should be considered pre-ground bud.

Each bag will vary and you may find some small nugs mixed in with your shake/trim. We take the time to pick out most of the stems (some may still remain) to give you a premium smoking product. These bags are made up of product from our entire operation and does NOT contain a single strain, but rather a mix of all our top quality product. This is why we consider it a hybrid grab bag. But keep in mind that the majority of our product is currently of Indica or Indica dominant Hybrid strains.

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Ounce, Quarter Pound, Buy 3 get 1 Ounce Free

78 reviews for Smalls & Shake Value Ounce Box

  1. Dwayne joubert

    Black label ThcA, an d8 trim an shake are the truth,,small chunks perfect buzz!!!

  2. Dwayne joubert

  3. Madison Martin (verified owner)

    Best 60 bucks I ever spent on an oz flower. A secret gem indeed. If you’re looking for a good pack to dip in throughout the day, this works, and it is the most affordable zip I’ve found. A little over half of the bag was made up of buds of varying shapes, sizes, and lengths, tossed in the remainder of the weight in grind, for a caked-on finish to them. The whole bag smells nice and dank. I threw it in a jar and have been enjoying it since. Thanks JK for the deals!

  4. clbush00 (verified owner)

    THIS IS THE SH!T IS THE SH!T first off half of it is still small buds and the rest is just ready to use just pinch it out and put it in a bowl or joint. And it’s the cheapest you’ll find and best quality.

  5. Blazin Sasquatch (verified owner)

    If you’re on a budget and aren’t concerned about “bag appeal” this is a great choice and the best bang for your buck! The Black Label Premium THCA Fireshake consisted of a nice hefty mix of smalls and shake with a few nice sized nugs in there too. Despite my comment about bag appeal, it still looks and smells dank. I’ll definitely be coming back for more and looking forward to trying the Holy Trinity next!

  6. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Quality every time! 2nd ounce order featured new strains and the purple cartel!!! I’m blown away by the quality for the price. Half or more is nugs and the rest is my pinch bag. Beautiful. Always sending samples got 2 prerolls for the wife and I this time.

  7. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Third time ordering black label THCA fireshake and I actually weighed it this time! I ordered 2 this time and both came in over 30 grams, 17-18g is nugs the rest grind; one smelled like Christmas morning (fruit and mints) at a diesel pump and one smelled a little more skunky (more of the older strains). Both featured the newest strains released by JK! Packed 2 rips of the Christmas-smelling shake in a chillum and I’m ripped! Love the samples you guys send! 1.5-2g or 2 prerolls every time I order! There are some very light green/white colored nugs that are pretty dry/crunchy but it looks like they are being phased out for the new batches. 10/10 best bang for your buck!

  8. Seth

    Fantastic for the price.
    Some big cbg buds but only a couple the rest is a good mix of thc and hhc.
    I took the cbg flower out for use to mix seperate, very easy to tell apart another plus.

    I got the trinity mix.
    I love cbg but sometimes by itself so it’s nice they were big and easy to spot.

  9. Blazin’ (verified owner)

    I’m really liking the Holy Trinty Smalls & Shake!! It’s a nice mix of flower, the effects are on point and the price is awesome!! Definitely recommend it!!

  10. Eric Latiff (verified owner)

    Black label ThcA, -loved it. buds are medium to smalls in size. Smell,taste,effects all there. Great for an all day smoke.Very satisfied at this price point.

  11. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Ayyyye JK did it again on the Black Label THCA FIRESHAKE. I only had like 7g of grind in this one. Mostly small/medium nugs. Beautiful. Smells great. Effects on point every time

  12. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Fire everytime. Lil extra in the bag. This pack had a lot of citrus and STANK!!! Got a few pretty big nugs, mostly smalls, little bit of grind this time. Got some purples and blues visible on the nugs and in the grind. Beautiful! Gush mintz preroll sample is TASTYYYY. I’m trying to stock up on this one, obviously.

  13. Eric Latiff (verified owner)

    Black label ThcA, Nice selection. Excellent price. I order 2.

  14. d93mccauley (verified owner)

    Pretty good. About to place my second order on the Black label ThcA shake

  15. T$ (verified owner)

    I got the thca smalls/shake it’s mostly buds. About 6or 7 grams of shake. For the price this is good . I got a mix of 3 or 4 strains. Buds look OK. Nothing special but good.

  16. Blazin’ Sasquatch (verified owner)

    Second time trying the Black Label Premium THCA Fireshake and hardly got any shake at all, it consisted mostly of smalls and some medium size flowers. Great stuff for the price!!

  17. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Black label THCA fireshake fire yet again! I get new smells every new bag I snag! Effects always on point, no issue with the quality of flower at all yet. And I order this a lot. More shake this ounce, but it’s skunky so I’m not complaining!

  18. Victoria m (verified owner)

    This is my second time ordering and I can say that JK distro is officially my new site for THCA flower with small buds and shake because of the quality of the flower you get in the shake bag . Just two hits and I immediately feel the effects of this cocktail of different strains ! I prefer this if you are on a budget and want to get an ounce for under $100 . Great price it is a steal for me .

  19. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    Got a qp altogether to last me a good while. 420 Points accumulate fast! Every single one stunk up my room when I busted the bags to transition to mason jars. Had a good bit of medium to medium-large nugs across the haul. Always amazing effects. 10/10 for the price everytime!

  20. Ramona Martin (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness! First time for thc-a. Really a great surprise. Perfect head body trip! I will do this again!!

  21. replayslit12 (verified owner)

    Ordered some of this when it came in it was big buds to medium sized buds and then some shake at the bottom with some smaller nugs definitely worth it your getting a ounce even more sometimes when you buy this definitely recommend

  22. d93mccauley (verified owner)

    I think this is about my third time purchasing thca fire shake. There’s quite a few YouTube reviews for it now but Dwayne joubert aka DJ5000 was the first YouTuber that I saw review it. DJ5000 reviewed it like an ambassador!

  23. Seth Fleharty (verified owner)

    Thca fireshake is fantastic, will be my main order for sure,

    The hhc blend though is not for me.
    It’s not bad it’s just not nearly as good as the thca

  24. todd loup

    great vaule

  25. dezzy504baby

    Good value 👏

  26. Robert Hill (verified owner)

    I won’t buy nothing but thca from jk from now on I’ve ordered 6x the oz of shake is the best thing smoking most of it was bud im now a life long customer

  27. js9002549

    great deal

  28. devon910525 (verified owner)

    Best thca shake I’ve had it was mostly nugs
    And has great effects

  29. paulmicheal649

    nice shake selections

  30. greghopkins209

    nice cheap option

  31. ellispartrick926

    thcp will get u lilt

  32. renetros0

    great value

  33. louisdanos7

    got a nice sativa blend for good price

  34. robojones9

    affordable good strains

  35. Seth Fleharty (verified owner)

    Got thca purple shake, the buds are ok and on par size wise with normal buds but the small chunks are fantastic.

    I’ll be picking up some peanut butter breath for sure after trying it in this and seeing.
    The small pieces are bright purple and so frosted they look white 🤍
    Overall worth the price for sure

    though I do wish they would do away with whatever the bigger reddish tan(older looking) buds are, they are not bad but taste like added terpenes or something.
    But for the price and the rest of the buds and smaller chunks are so worth it over the normal fireshake.

  36. dericksmi513


  37. Robert Paris (verified owner)

    I bought 2 OZ’s and get small, medium and larger buds. It’s about 1/3 small tiny tiny buds and shake. A half OZ jar will over flow with dense green buds that are varied in orange and some purple colors. I use this to mix with Mimosa to kick the Indica effects up to a boosted intense mind and body high. I roll big joints with the shake and share with my friends that call me a Hempster. Given the cost and JK Distros excellent quality this is a generous offering. Snatch one up next time you order. More bang for your buck and your Indica choices.

  38. Jesus Eliaz (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied with the quality of product I received. It weighed in at just over 30 grams. Lots of smalls and even had 1 full size bud in the mix. I separated the shake from the nugs to get a weight. It was 4.5 grams of shake. The rest were mini nugs and larger. It hit good. Great for the price. Nice effect. You will be feeling it. Would buy again.

  39. Steve Bo (verified owner)

    January THCA fireshake batch smacks! I can see a lot of the newer strains from the december release in here! The nose of this batch is piney, fruity, musky, spicy, and creamy with little gassy bright green nugs in the mix.

    Got a few 2g nugs in my bag! Some nugs are reddish brown, but they have very interesting terps, arent dry, and looked nice in a flash photo. Very fluffy flower this time around. Hope to see the current lineup cycle into this!

    Taste is good on this stuff, whatever the nug smells like on breakdown or the shake being a mix of everything, always with a little skunky aftertaste that I enjoy a lot. Smells dank when I walk up on the wife smoking a blunt.

    Effects are great, just a beautiful balance everytime for a daily smoke bag

  40. Nathan Allen (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical at first but I can tell you it’s the best 40 bucks I’ve spent very pleased

  41. Al K. (verified owner)

    Bought the New Purple Shake. Got 7.5 grams of shake and the rest were minis, smalls and medium buds. The shake and the minis were FIRE!!!! The bigger buds were a mix of a few different strains. Lots of dark and brownish buds. They were not my favorite. There were a few grams of purple minis that were icy that had decent effects and I found traces of some neon green extremely mini buds that were absolute fire but it was only like a gram or so in it. Must have been some of the newest stuff.

  42. WILLIAM (verified owner)

    Not perfect but better than just good. Just finishing off 2 oz.s of THCA fire shake, waiting on my 1st oz.of Prem Purp , (we’ll get back to that, ) but the 1st was very good, 3rd shake about 9 or 10 gm.s and bout 13 or 14 gm.s nice nuggets mids & minis. The 2nd was however about half shake, and bout 10 gm.s nugs & minis. Like the other guys I don’t much care for the big brownish buds on on the bigass stems. All together still a great deal for the money. As for the Prem Purple we shall see. But I am a customer for life….literally.

  43. Matty (verified owner)

    These bags are FUN. The shake has its uses, but I enjoy sampling the buds and chunks I always seem to get plenty of and separating the strains. Worse ways to spend an evening. Add in a great price, fast shipping, a generous sample of some killer Alien Biscotti, and a wristband my cat loves to play with . . . I am beyond satisfied with this box.

  44. Jeffrey wood (verified owner)

    As far as shake I got a lot of bud probably 18gs only thing is they are all brownish red I’m hoping this is thca its supposed to be black label only got a 1 gram in my sample pack don’t know whats up with that but I smoked it first Mintz it was great you r supposed to get 2 1 gram samples for a total of 2 grams in all right I only got the one gram

  45. billyappole22

    great product

  46. mauricechi940

    outstanding product

  47. reggiec451

    minis and shake afforable price

  48. reggiec451

    great product

  49. Julian Wilkerson (verified owner)

    Ordered on a Saturday and came on Monday, couldn’t ask for better stuff I can garuntee this is the best bang for your buck, if you smoke delta 9, thca is the way to go… will define order again

  50. Rainway (verified owner)


  51. ch3775290


  52. Taylor Laird (verified owner)

    Great deal. Had some smalls and buds in mine too. Very gassy. Discretely packaged. Very pleased. I’ll be back for more.

  53. db202695

    straight gas

  54. rs8680515

    top notch flower

  55. rs8680515

    great flower afordable

  56. NeoSoGreen (verified owner)

    this is fire for sure! this is the way to go if you’re on a budget and want something thats gonna out you in the couch!

  57. Seth Fleharty (verified owner)

    really enjoy this batch, all good looking smalls and a gram bag of shake all said.
    always good stuff when i order from here top shelf or budget its always great.

  58. keidrake (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the thca black label premium. I was not expecting what I received, even after seeing all the positive reviews. This was majority small to medium size flower with a small amount of shake. A fine mix of combined strains completely dusting the small buds, giving a unique and pleasant overall affect. Recommend to those not even on a budget.

  59. Jay Wood

    WOW it was great I’m happy shakes ok with lots of little gems in it tasty little nuts small but good

  60. craigsmith777504

    great items

  61. ballowbrett

    straight gas beauty

  62. alabamamarko205 (verified owner)


  63. Rayme Shrade

    I was totally amazed with the tiny nuggets and probably only about 5 or 6 g of actual shake in my THC a fire shake out! Awesome I will definitely order again! Way to go JK!

  64. Ramona Martin (verified owner)

    Again, you cannot get better quality product for this price! For those of us on a fixed income, this is a true blessing! Thank you!!

  65. Eltonio (verified owner)

    Very smooth, packs a punch and a fantastic value. What else do you need to know.

  66. Daniel Craig (verified owner)

    Fantastic value and great quality as I’ve come to expect with J&K.

  67. Ramona Martin (verified owner)

    This never disappoints! Thank you for making this affordable!

  68. Allen Hewlin (verified owner)

    First time ordering the thca fire shake , was not disappointed. Nice amount of tiny to medium nugs, and bout 5 6 grams shake. Wonderful smell when you pop the bag. A fresh lemony light dankness. Very nice high of just the shake. Held me for a min too.just ordered another one . Will try the purple thca premium shake next time. Thanks JKDistro. Fire ass weed every time so far. Liked all the thca so far.

  69. Chester Stone (verified owner)

    Got the purple bud and it had purple leaves all over. Tried it and it hit hard af definitely really good price cuz it’s better than alot of flower on here. Got mostly small nugs and little shake I can make for joints.

  70. Dominick Cabal (verified owner)

    ALL the reviews thus far, are truth… This is the real deal! Wat are ya waiting for? This is my 3rd oz btw…just like old school daze! Catcha 🔥🔥🔥!

  71. Steve Halvorsen (verified owner)

    Great Value, good stuff and great prices.

  72. J Feagin (verified owner)

    Received my order today, very satisfied with my purchase, this is the best u will find, this is a 40 year Tolerance speaking, this is by far the best deal u will find, i have tried them all, this the best hemp company i have found, I am a happy customer, Get it or u are missing out.

  73. Matthew Stansbury (verified owner)

    THC-A fire shake is the best deal you can get 60 bucks for an ounce. Here’s what I like to do. I will also buy some flower, grind it all up in a coffee grinder with the shake. Coffee grinders work great just pulse it. I recommend a Krups coffee grinder. They’re like 20 bucks on Amazon.. another secret look at some of that CBG flower. CBG is a mother cannabinoid it enhances other cannabinoid so you can mix it with the THC a fire shake and I’ll make it like five times more potent!

  74. Anthony (verified owner)

    The first oz I got of the black label THCA was excellent… had to get more.

  75. Trailside Wellness (verified owner)

    Unfortunately our first poor experience with JK. 2 stars for the shipping and prices, they win every time in this regard. Ordered buy 3 get 1 for the Ice Cream Cake Special and an OZ of Purple Premium. I received 5oz of Fireshake, almost entirely the Trainwreck strain(their worst and least potent). No purple at all in the Purple Premium and no Ice Cream Cake in the ICC Special. The shake is full of stems and the nugs are almost all popcorn, not ideal for pre rolls for a shop. Will most likely turn into bulk oil, so not all is lost.

  76. Anthony (verified owner)

    Finally decided to bite the bullet and try the purple. Not at all disappointed. Nice flavor and slow burning. Grab your favorite beer, twist one up and it’ll all be ok soon.

  77. John Feagin (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my $60.00 box of THCa smalls,shake
    Very High Grade AAAAA,they are the best in this indusrty
    U have my business, the 10 pack pre rolls are awesome as well

  78. Jonathon Guerrero (verified owner)

    I bought the delta 8, 3/4 shake, and split equally for the popcorn and small buds for the rest. The batch is Hybrid, but Sativa strong. I personally use for medical purpose, I wish this batch was more Indica, but I’m enjoying the oz. Nice samples that came along with it I’m enjoying the quick pain relief from Cookie Monster Delta 8.

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