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HHC Commander K’s Berry Blossom EXOTIC Moonrocks


HHC Commander K’s Berry Blossom EXOTIC Moonrocks

HHC Exotic – Berry Blast Explosion (Indoor)

Berry Blossom is an extremely floral CBD strain with wildly exotic overtones of candied raspberries and tropical berries cryo-infused with premium HHC. It is smooth on the throat and very rich terpene profile and cannabinoid content makes it an extremely relaxing and chill CBD flower. Best enjoyed in the nighttime for winding down before bed after a long day.

The Berry Blossom strain of high CBD hemp can achieve some of the highest levels of CBD while producing nearly no THC content. This high CBD strain produces remarkably high yields per acre of the and some of the largest flowers of the available strains.

Berry Blossom, when planted on 5’ centers produces an average of 2500 lbs/acre. Berry Blossom is one of the most highly sought after strains for its therapeutic effects


Test Results: ★★★★★

Nearly 19% CBD and over 27.2% total cannabinoids base flower

Color: ★★★★★

Beautiful bright green tight dense Buds!  Popping with pistils and trichomes

Structure & Trim: ★★★★★

Medium to small sized dense, round buds covered in frost (very cannabis like)

Nose/Taste: ★★★★★

Mouth wateringly sweet and bright nose with notes of berry

Seed Count: ★★★★★

0-1, none seen to date

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