Redwood Reserves Blunts 2.5G

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Ready to get baked? Our Redwood Reserve blunts are stuffed with 2.5g of premium hand-trimmed flower and infused with 450mg of Delta 8 or HHC oil for a potent smoke that produces a long-lasting psychoactive effect. Mango Haze is a sativa hybrid that’s perfect for a wake-n-bake or a smoke sesh during the day. Other brands spray their flower with diluted oil which leads to uneven dosing and varied effects. Our blunts are the first to be infused with pure oil for a guaranteed dose, every time. Can’t decide between HHC or Delta8? If you’re looking for a head-high that’s more of an upper, go with HHC. If you want a couch-lock body high Delta8 is your best choice.
  • Made with premium hand-trimmed CBD flower
  • The only blunt on the market that’s infused instead of sprayed
  • Made with 100% hemp
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Delta 8, HHC


Grape Ape (Indica), Mango Haze (Sativa)

12 reviews for Redwood Reserves Blunts 2.5G

  1. Rayme Shrade

    Infused buds instead of sprayed buds are like night and day. You guys amaze me every time I order! And the high was longer lasting than I had previously thought. Good for an all-day buzz! Thank you jk!

  2. billyappole22


  3. mauricechi940

    strong high good taste

  4. freddie

    I went with the grape because that indica

  5. reggiec451

    great product

  6. ch3775290

    outstanding products

  7. Diamond 🔹 one

    Better better quality than what I can get in town

  8. Ashmilienel

    I did not like the taste whatsoever but after 20 min I started to leave planet earth slowly and falling into a comfort cloud of happiness will buy again …

    Taste 4/10
    Effects 10/10
    Looks 9/10
    Potency 10/10

  9. db202695

    great clean nice great flavor nice smoking product

  10. rs8680515

    products are fantastic

  11. craigsmith777504

    great items

  12. ballowbrett

    good great quality

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