Smoking Legal's 

Taz's Dream Craft Batch Delta 8 Flower

Our Most Potent Indica!

For a limited time only JKDistro & Smoking Legal’s Taz have teamed up to create our ultimate Delta 8 Flower Experience!

DELTA8 Taz’s Dream Premium Batch Indoor Flower👑

Interested in something new that blends together the best of all worlds? Take a close look at this new JK Creation! We started with Indoor Cherry Abacus strain, premium hemp derived Delta 8 THC and you will instantly understand why JK Ambassador Taz of Smoking Legal selected Cherry Abacus for Taz’s Dream Delta 8.

🏆 Taz’s Dream 12.3% Delta 8 (Very Potent), 10.6% CBD and 23.7% Total Cannabinoid Percentage!

This premium indoor flower has something for everyone, and may just be the new JK customer favorite!

Our Most Potent Delta 8 & HHC  Flower

Exotic HHC Flower - Taz’s Love Super Hi Octane ⚡️
Exotic HHC Flower -Taz’s Love Super Hi Octane ⚡️ Indica 60% Sativa 40% F1 CrossLemon Snow CBG X Zoë Therapeutics’ Bubba Kush Selection 66 Nearly 13% CBD, 20% Delta 8 and over 34% total cannabinoids!!!
Delta 8 BBO XL Commander J's Wedding Cake
Delta 8 Commander J's BBO XL Wedding Cake NEW BATCH NEW FARM PARTNER, BBO XL WEDDING CAKE BATCH 👑👑👑JKDISTRO’S Strongest Flower 35% Total Cannabinoid and 15.6% Delta 8 👑👑👑 MOST POTENT FLOWER ON O
HHC Exotic LaceyBug’s Pineapple Jam
HHC Exotic LaceyBug’s Pineapple Jam 🍍 is a boutique Delta 8 hemp strain grown. This strain boasts a robust cannabinoid profile rich in HHC CBD CBDA CBDV and other minor cannabinoids. This flower is s
HHC Exotic Flower - JakeLovesCBD Tahoe OG
HHC Exotic Flower JakeLovesCBD Tahoe OG   HHC Flower Tahoe OG is a hybrid strain resulting from a cross between OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. It is a nicely balanced hybrid strain with a 50
Delta 8 Flower - Cookie 🍪 Monster California Gas ⛽️
NEW Indoor Cookie 🍪 Monster  (Indoor Grown)  California Gas  Super Loud & Gassy Beautiful big & bold chunky indoor grown Cookies 🍪with enhanced Delta 8 THC (Hemp Derived).  A VERY indica-dom
Lemon 🍋 Octane Exotic Hemp Flower (Indoor)
Lemon 🍋 Octane Exotic Hemp Flower (Indoor) Indica 60% Sativa 40% F1 CrossLemon Snow CBG X Zoë Therapeutics’ Bubba Kush Selection 66 This new CBD/CBG hybrid part of a new generation of plants rich in

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