Delta 8 Texas Lifter

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Delta 8 Texas Lifter

Delta 8 - 10.9%

CBD - 14.277%

Total Cannabinoid 28.357%

Total Terpene Profile 2.4%

Delta 8 Texas Lifter

We had a hunch that treating our popular Californian Grown Sour Lifter CBD strain with Hemp Derived Delta 8 distillate from our Texas Partners. Grown and manufactured in Texas!

This Excellent Tag Team Match Up Produced an excellent match and our gut was right! Fans of Californian Grown Sour Lifter know, this CBD flower quickly gained its own solid reputation as an ideal Sativa dominant strain for consumption. Its fragrance and flavor profile contains more than a whopping 108 mg (per gram) of TEXAS GROWN D8 per gram, putting this strain at the high end of the spectrum when it comes to potency + terpene richness of all our Delta 8 flower strains. WHEN TEXAS AND CALIFORNIA HAVE A LOVE CHILD! 28.4% Total Cannabinoid Potency!!!!


The bouquet of fragrances and flavors you enjoy when consuming our Delta 8 Texas Lifter is courtesy of a variety of terpenes, of which the main players are listed below:

β-Myrcene (19.3mg/gram) 

β, cis-Ocimene (3.43mg/gram) 

α-Pinene (2.2mg/gram)

Limonene (2.26mg/gram)

trans-Caryophyllene (2.24mg/gram) 


Ideal for daytime use


This Delta 8 Texas Lifter offers Giant Texas Sized buds (BBO XL Jars Avaiable) with alternating light and deep green shades and occasional miniature bursts of red, all adorned with a twinkling cover of trichomes. The buds grind beautifully into fluffy mounds suitable for pipe, paper, or vape devices.


The natural sweetness from the Delta 8 distillate pairs excellently with the classic diesel taste, toning it down enough to better encourage the emergence of the orange and sweet grape tangs underneath. 

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