HEMP FLOWER - Taz’s Love Super Hi Octane ⚡️

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HEMP - Taz’s Love Super Hi Octane ⚡️

Indica 60% Sativa 40% F1 Cross
Lemon Snow CBG X Zoë Therapeutics’ Bubba Kush Selection 66 Nearly 13% CBD, 20% Delta 8 and over 34% total cannabinoids!!!

This new CBD/CBG hybrid part of a new generation of plants rich in two minor cannabinoids. Because this is a first-generation cross of really different varieties there are two major phenotypes: 1.bright lime-green-like flowers, heavy frosty resins with traits of White Whale female parent 2. Deep muted to bright purple color tones as it’s expressing its kush lineage.

This CBD/CBG dominant bud delivers a relaxing mind and body effect. It’s known to aid issues and can be enjoyed day or night.
This top shelf wonder leaf is covered in frosty trichomes....it’s sweet, tangy, gassy and soon to be your new favorite strain. 
Grade: AAA

Test Results: ★★★★☆

Nearly 13% CBD,  and over 24% + total cannabinoids

Color: ★★★★★

Light green with hints of purple, covered in amber pistils

Structure & Trim: ★★★★★

Medium sized chunky diamond cuts

Nose: ★★★★★

Citrusy burst with a gas finish

Seed Count: ★★★★☆


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