Women Making History in the Industry

There are many women making their mark in the industry... not as many as we would like to see. So we want to take a moment to applaud these women for pursuing their passion for the plant and making a difference in the lives of people all over the world. These women are not only making history, but building viable, profitable businesses. 


Dr. Alex Capano, First Doctorate in Cannabinoid Science

Dr. Alex Capano is the first person to receive a doctorate in cannabinoid science from the Lambert Center at Jefferson University. Capano currently serves as the Chief Science Officer of EcoFibre Limited, which also owns Ananda Hemp—companies that create hemp-derived products, including food, textiles, and nutraceuticals (e.g. vitamins) in the U.S. and Australia. 

Dr. Capano is a former family nurse practitioner who would go to juvenile detention centers to do sexual and reproductive health consultations and it was so obvious to her that there was a huge disparity in people of color being incarcerated from such a young age because of cannabis. She says, "I think that if we can get some research out there and have people using it appropriately, safely, and easily, then we can keep people out of detention centers and improve their health overall."

Learn more about Dr. Capano and her work at Ananda Hemp


Ericka Pittman, First Black Female CMO 

Ericka Pittman is the first black female to be named Chief Marketing Officer of cannabis company Viola, founded by NBA Veteran Al Harrington. Prior to joining Viola, Pittman served as the chief marketing officer at AQUAhydrate Inc. and after she spent nine years at Combs Enterprises where she had many roles including vice president of the Chairman’s Office.

In a statement released by the company, Pittman shared her excitement as the newest member of the executive team. “As black female C-suite representation continues to grow within the cannabis space, I am excited to join efforts with such a dynamic company rooted in purpose.”

Learn more about Ericka at ErickaPittman.com


Felicity Chen, Founder & CEO of Potli 

Felicity Chen is the Founder and CEO of Potli. Felicity started the company alongside her best friend, Christine Yi. The company curates a selection of essential foods infused with cannabis and celebrate her heritage. Ingredients are sourced from their own backyard in California where the company is based. 

Felicity is a third generation sauce and spice maker and launched Potli as a way to promote healthy living. Potli expands upon Felicity’s heritage and passion for functional ingredients by creating high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples for everyday use.

Learn more about Felicity and Potli at PotliShop.com


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Written by Tracie James
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