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Delta 8 Blueberry ZaZa 

Blueberry Zaza is an POTENT indica dominant hybrid strain that is comprised of Blue Dream (sweet cheesy gas ⛽️) and Rare Dankness #1.

Blueberry Zaza has fruity notes like blueberry and lemon tangerine zest in combination with diesel and pine for an earthy yet aromatic smell. Both parent strains provide a nice effect on its own so combining its powers just produces a mega nug of greatness.

It has to be mentioned that Blueberry ZaZa is also a slang term that is used when someone is referring to a really strong and good cannabis strain. When 21 Savage says, “smokin’ on zaza, this came out the garden with Adam and Eve” we doubt he was talking about the actual zaza strain but Zaza  is that good that it's been coined into a popular term in the cannabis industry.

In 2021 Blueberry Yum Yum was our most popular strain 🏆  this is our 2022 Updated Version!