Taz’s Vibe a Very Solid Flower!

Keiji Varela

Please Don’t Take our Word for It  Check Out Taz’s Vibe Here 

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May it’s all about Dabs! Delta Dabs

Jake Brown

May it’s all about Dabs! Delta DabsBy @Jakeslovescbd Dabs are a super convenient way to medicate when you need that extra kick extra quick! Personally when I'm having a super rough day I'll skip reaching for that flower even though it's super tempting, and instead I'll reach for a concentrate. I absolutely love the Delta 8 dab selection JK distro provides and the flavors are always on point. My personal favorite is the is the STARBURST 🌟 with Taz’s Vibe Delta8 Flower !!! The flavor is awesome!  If you're looking for one of our hardest & fast hitting products I'd...

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Let’s Talk About Glassware

Lacey Kissinger 1 comment
There are many options when it comes to glassware. I understand how intimidating it can be but it can be such a great experience when you find one that is right for you. If glass is too intimidating because of the possibilities of breaking you can also find all of these options in a silicone version that usually have a lower price point and don’t give you that horrible sensation that occurs when your favorite glass piece hits the ground and explodes into a million pieces. 
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