The Ladies of Canna-Content

High Friends!! I am a cannabis content creator; you may know me as Laceybug. In 2020 I was really struggling with life and not being able to “fit” anywhere (also ya, know a pandemic). I have never fit in a traditional Job setting, no matter what I never felt fulfilled; even as a home health aide something was missing. I began watching a lot of internet videos and saw people living their passions Via Content creation, but still noticed that most of those “influencers” were much younger and mostly men at first glance. Dive a bit deeper and so many women can be found, and so diverse. Seeing all these amazing queens inspired me to start doing this cannabis content creation thing and are part of the reason I don’t give up just because I am not “going viral’. Being that it is women’s history month I thought it would be an appropriate blog topic to talk about some of my favorite women in canna content. So, let’s talk about some of my favorite ladies.

 Wowashwow is a musician and cannabis activist from Philly. though she is based in California now she reps Philly love on the regular on her social media platform, and helped push for decriminalization and medical legalization in Philadelphia and continues to fight for normalization everywhere. She is a beautiful person truly inside and out and it shines through in the way she interacts with her fans and social media followers. I can personally say she has been very kind to me and talked to me like a friend via Instagram DM many times. She is incredibly talented in music and her sound can only be described as wowashwow style, influences of hip hop, punk, reggae and R&B dance together to make music that is incredible to smoke to, dance to or just turn on full blast and clean your house. She is truly unique and take a listen to her album “I’m a hashhole” at your next smoke sesh and find out for yourself. She also has some amazing content on Instagram and the weedtube. She continues to destigmatize cannabis and get rid of the “stoner” stereotype. She is a true gem and takes the term cannabis influencer to a new level.


Chrissy Harless is a mom from Michigan who grew her channels through unboxing subscription boxes on camera, she has sense expanded her videos to doing other lifestyle content like vlogs and has some pretty amazing merch. She is helpful and informative to the community and pushes to “deconstruct the stereotype” (yes that is available on merch) of “stoners”. She shows how cannabis can help enhance your daily life and doesn’t make you a bad parent. She is also one of the nicest people I have ever encountered in this cannbiz. Before I started making content, I was a fan of Chrissy and being that she was also from Michigan I felt she was approachable so I reached out to her via Instagram Dm and asked if she could give me any advice on video making and she gave me some awesome advice and continues to support me in my content creation a year later by continuing to like and comment on my weedtube videos and interacting with my Instagram content, this is just how she is! She is one of a kind and someone you should defiantly know about.


Greentuckerr is an Instagram creator who has a passion for vintage fashion and cannabis. she makes lifestyle content on Instagram. has made a living making content and stays very active. She shows that women can be very active and still consume large amounts of cannabis if they want. She does dabs that make my eyes water and still stays active and fit. she shares relatable stories and is very funny in her Instagram reels and stories, she frequently goes live and is very interactive with her followers. Greentuckerr is unique and does not fit in any stereotypical boxes. She dresses in mostly vintage fashion from the 1950s and 60s, it’s such a pleasure to see all the beautiful vintage feminine fashions on a girl ripping a huge bong hit or doing a fat dab, you truly have to see this to appreciate the statement it makes.


Alicia Goku is a force to be reckoned with, she is a phenomenal rapper and content creator. She makes amazing music and includes her love of cannabis in her songs such as, “smoke every day” and “you need some weed” and album titles like “diary of A stoner”. She is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and her music also express that. I love how fearlessly she lives her life; she never hesitates to take a new adventure and have some fun. She makes awesome content on the Weedtube and even has a great advice video if you are looking to get into the industry and want some tips. She is a brand rep for some major cannabis brands even though she doesn’t fit the “typical” add type of a blue-eyed white woman casually puffing a small joint on a beach. She is a self-described “stoner” but does not let that put her in the group of people who dismiss CBD because they are only interested in the psychoactive cannabis high, she frequently speaks on her love of putting CBD in her blunts. Go check out some of Alicia’s music or watch some of her hilarious reels on Instagram and you will be a fan.

So many women are out here changing the faces of cannabis and helping to de-stigmatize the plant. If you can’t find a woman cannabis creator who entertains you, you aren’t looking hard enough because so many of them are easily found by looking around the weedtube for a bit or searching for cannabis content on other social platforms. However, you consume your cannbis media, I guarantee you can find a woman in that space making great content. So, I challenge you now to find a content creator who is a woman that you love and share her content!


Written by Lacey Kissinger

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