Ultra Kush ☕️ My Favorite Morning Strain 2021

My Favorite Morning Strain 2021

Jake B.

In the morning as soon as I wake up I like to make a fresh pot of coffee ☕️  and indulge in some of my favorite CBD hemp flower!
I have found I'm fond of the kush phenotypes during my morning wake n’ bakes. There's something about the flavor notes of pine, gas and herbs that goes great with your coffee especially when outside enjoying the morning. 
My go to strain lately has been the Ultra Kush from J&K Distro. Not only are these nugs dense and larger but they are absolutely gorgeous. The pine and gas are really noticeable in the flavor notes which taste great with my dark roast coffee.
I find a decent balance in my morning and day with the relaxing calm from the Ultra kush paired with the caffeine and energy from my coffee. Ultra kush is a solid strain and I highly recommend it to any beginner users or veteran users of CBD. 
-Jake B.
Written by Jake Brown

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