Takilma Kush

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Takilma Kush 

Super Frosty ☃️ Very Pretty Crystals Budz

Nearly 20%+ total cannabinoids with over 15% CBD. Exotic green with purple hint covered with trichomes and orange pistils.Medium sized, longer structure with mid density and clean trim!

Very Bubba Like taste & effect, a potent Indica!” Smoking Legal’s Taz 

“A deceivingly slow creeper strain!” Jake of JKD 

Nose & Taste/Flavor ★★★★★

  • Loud gassy nose with a piney tones and Really enjoyable lemon finish!  Taste is pine, wood, earthy. Slight sweet/citrus 

Effects ★★★★

  • Effects are heady mostly at least initially after a few pulls. After a few minutes the real effects of Takilma Kush kick in for a more balanced body & head effect. Great for after work Or end of day relaxation! However not to relaxing!

Total terpenes: 1.9%

Primary terpenes:  Myercene, Beta-Carpho, Limonene and Pinene 


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