Grapefruit Punch (Indoor & Hand Trimmed) 2021

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With the zesty, lively effects of a fresh slice of tropical fruit, the Grapefruit strain is a hemp variety that delivers flavor and effects that lean in the same direction. Orange Hairs Galore!!!!

The awakening, tart taste can liven up the senses, while the chemistry courses through your veins to rouse your sleepy system. All in all, the strain is a solid sativa that delivers the quintessential energizing profile that you would expect from an herb of its stature.

The "Grapefruit Punch" smells uniquely earthy-sweet, while the resourceful nose can detect aromas of grapefruit and a touch of skunk.

The tropical, citrus smell of grapefruit and the diesel ⛽️ fuels of the OG lineage, mixes with the energetic effects of this cross giving you a great daytime smoke. Up to 21% total cannabinoids offering potency and amazing zesty flavor.


17.86% CBD

19.98% Total Cannabinoids 

Terpene: 3.059%

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Nice potent shot of CBD CBDA CBG CBGA

Lineage -  Grape Wreck X Sour Skunk 

Grapefruit Punch Terpene Profile 

Total terpenes: 3.059%

Primary terpenes:  Myercene, Linalool, Limonene and Pinene