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Small batch chocolates infused with our Full Spectrum Extract turns your daily dose of 20 mg per chocolate into the ultimate sweet treat!

A match made in heaven! Two plants - cacao and hemp become one. Together, the effects are enhanced in all sorts of magical ways.



The FINE & RAW x Toast Chunky Collection is the chocolate supplement of your dreams. Soft, rich, smooth chocolate filling infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and coated in 70% dark chocolate. Antioxidants meet hemp.

  • FAQ

    How to enjoy Toast Chocolate Supplements?

    Your Toast Chocolate Supplement is meant to be enjoyed all at once. We recommend letting it melt in your mouth to allow the cacao, CBD, CBG and all the other cannabinoids elevate you to a moment of bliss. But really there's no wrong way to eat chocolate, so just pop one open and have fun!

    Where should I store my chocolate?

    Raw chocolate is delicate, so the expert chocolatiers at FINE & RAW recommend keeping your chocolate in a cool, dry place or in your fridge