REVIV ⚡️GREEN NanoCBD Wellness Drink Mix

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Our mission is to Reviv the World by supplying a natural and nutritional supplement focused on providing holistic wellness. With the use of CBD properties, our products boast physical benefits without the drag of degrading chemicals and draining descent. We want to offer our customers the highest level of health in their own homes and catered to their individual lifestyles. With Reviv, you will be able to receive maximum results in reviving, rest, and recovery of your mind and body.


 For those looking to Rise in the morning w/ a renewed purpose or elevated mindset, look no further than Reviv Green. Each packet is designed w/ active nano technology that delivers each CBD dose with efficiency. This product is best taken in the morning or 30 minutes prior to working out or any sports activity. Our powerful Cannabinoid blend at a (3:1 CBD-CBG Ratio) synergized with our proprietary energy blend ensures that you will feel renewed & refreshed prior, during and after your workout!


A tasty & hydrating post workout nano CBD infused sports drink blend. Each packet contains a potent formula of nano CBD particles, Electrolytes, BCAAs & trace minerals which will leave your body, mind & accomplishments REVIV'd. Suggested Use: Pair with "Rise" for a synergistic effect of a pre / post work out regime.


Tear, Pour, Shake...Rest. Take our "Rest" formula to wind down after a long day of work. Reviv Green - Rest is packed with sleep terpenes which immediately penetrate your body's relaxing receptors to prepare for a deep "theta" state of sleep. Our Cannabinoid blend of a (3:1 Ratio) of CBD/CBN will melt away knots and tension in the body. With smooth tasting wild berry terpene blend & melatonin; Rest is optimized to support your body’s natural relaxation functions & will leave you feeling restored prepared in the morning!