J&K Bistro California CBD Infused Olive Oil 🫒

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J&K Bistro California CBD Infused Olive Oil 

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California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 EVOO(robust) is a robust olive fruit, originally hailing from Greece. It has a fruity nose and a strong, peppery finish, characterized by aromas of fresh grass and artichokes. Our signature cold infusion process keeps the polyphenols intact in our EVOO. 500mg in 100ml Mini Oil Shots. Great for light baking but best for finishing oil!

The aromatic flavor elicits words like herbaceous, green tea, fruity and ripe banana. This olive has a very high level of polyphenols (responsible for the “scratch” in the back of the throat), the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Great as a finishing oil on pastas, grilled meats, salads and veggies. Mix with fresh dill, tarragon and ground white pepper and top over grilled salmon. Some enjoy a spoonful 🥄 a day for general wellness 🙏🏽