NanoCBD Sparkling Wine 🍷 & Rose Blunt

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Our beautiful Sparkling NanoCBD Wine from Napa CA and our Beautiful Rose 🌹 Blunts  

Bella Petite

Sparkling Fruit Sangria(Non-alcoholic). An award winning, delicious and refreshingly crisp sparkling fruit wine. Traditional red wine blend with the perfect amount of Mediterranean Fruits, oranges and berries with a warm cinnamon finish. Designed to provide a balanced supply of nutrients, antioxidants and NanoCBD to the body & brain

  • Only 25 calories per glass

Grammy Award Winning singer Joss Stone with Bella Petite

Youtube Sparkling Wine Review with Smoking Legal

Bella Petite

Sparkling Red Wine Blend carrying notes of oranges and berries with a warm cinnamon finish. Delicious, Refreshing, Non Alcoholic & Low Calorie

Treat yourself any time of day with NanoCBD. Recharge your body and mind with a balanced supply of nutrients and natural antioxidants.


Stareye Botanicals' Queen Royal LoveCigarillo

offers a smooth velvety smoke for the power house at the top of their game. A star favorite, part of our partner Starteye Botanical’s Puffalicious Collection™! 

Puff like a boss and chill with this rose petal wrapped beauty filled with Stareye Botanicals' hand-selected proprietary herbal & botanical blend, Royal Love—For the purist, for the glamorous, for the Lovers. Take a moment for yourself.