DELTA 8 Taz’s Dream Premium Batch Indoor Flower 👑

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DELTA8 Taz’s Dream Premium Batch Indoor Flower👑

Interested in something new that blends together the best of all worlds? Take a close look at this new JK Creation! We started with Indoor Cherry Abacus strain, premium hemp derived Delta 8 THC and you will instantly understand why JK Ambassador Taz of Smoking Legal selected Cherry Abacus for Taz’s Dream Delta 8.

🏆 Taz’s Dream 12.3% Delta 8 (Very Potent), 10.6% CBD and 23.7% Total Cannabinoid Percentage!

This premium indoor flower has something for everyone, and may just be the new JK customer favorite!

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“The blend of Delta 8 and Terps of this flower provides will leave one mystified & day dreaming” Taz.

The cherry and blackberry hints will hit first, followed by a deeper sour gas aroma that satisfies. The lingering floral notes wrap the whole aroma up into a wonderful package for the nose. With terpenes such as Myrcene, Pinene, and Bisabolol making their presence known, this provides a well rounded aroma.

Cherry Abacus genetics originated out of Colorado by crossing Original Cherry with Abacus. These two popular strains combine flavors for a new mix of amazing opportunities. Give this calculated concoction a chance, and cherish the cherry goodness you choose.


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