Why CBD Works For Me!

Amanda M- JK Mental Health Champion 

Why CBD Works For Me!

Since smoking cbd I have came across many people who don’t know much about how cbd can help you. Many people assume it’s useless due to it not getting you high medicinally or recreationally.  I can admit that I use to be one of those people.

Once I got deeper into the community and learned more about the different strains and different affects I have changed my tune. I have introduced many people to jkdistro.com and cbd in the two years I have been smoking it. This month stress relief is due to the hybrid SPACE INVADERS 👾 

Many of the people I’ve influenced into smoking it have told me that they were shocked and please talk surprised at the mental affects and physical affects. They said they got better sleep and it also helped them have a more sound state of mind as well as less aches and pains.

I think hemp & cbd gets a bad rap but honestly it’s the best thing I’ve found to help with my mental health and my daily aches and body pains. I recommend not to everyone and I think it’s something everyone should try and see if it helps them as much as it ha helped me.

Just two cents from a Young American Woman🖖🏾 Until next time!

Amanada M.

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Written by Keiji Varela

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