We Got This!!!

You Got This!

Amaanda M.

 JKD Mental Health Champion & Ambassador

What’s shaking everyone!!! I wanted to jump on and send some positive vibes to y’all! You are powerful, you are kind, you are striving for yourself and you are a survivor!!!!

Life can be some skunk ass 🦨 weed sometimes. But I know how it feels to be down on yourself. Just know there are people proud of you. Heck! I am proud of you for:

  1. waking up today,
  2. for making that appointment,
  3. for standing up for yourself, for drinking more water.
  4. But most of all for being you and pushing forward! 

Somtimes all you need is a light. I got ya! Somtimes you need a little help and encouragement from someone who doesn’t know you. Because if they can see how amazing you are in a short amount of time and with little to know info then it must be true.

Stand tall peeps. Light up that blunt, melt that dab, or pack that bowl!!!

Until Next Time, Be Safe!

Written by Keiji Varela

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