Using CBD to Keeping Moving Past Life’s Aches & Pains

Using CBD to Keeping Moving Past Life’s Aches & Pains


Amanda M. JK Mental Health Ambassador

CBD and body pain

I have recently threw out my back. I already have a bad back due to past trauma. But it’s hard to find something that works consistently. Yes I take ibuprofen and Tylenol and I use back patches. But what really curbs the extra pain is my CBD. 

I smoke two bowls in the morning when I awake. I smoke another two when I get home. If I could smoke two at work I definitely would. It helps take the edge off. That sore sharp pain that persists even with over the counter meds. I like to use two different strains. It really seems to combat my inflammation and soothe my daily anxieties. Win!

Peach 🍑 Goliath, and Panama Red. The combination helps my body and also calms me so I am able to relax my body. Tension caused by pain puts more stain on your muscles. So being relaxed is key.

So if your hurting from some sort of body pain I’d highly recommend jkdistro cbd. They offer lots of strains for your personal type of needs, and there are loads of other products that they carry that can also aid to body pain.

Let’s free our bodies of pain and our mind of negativity. Smoke a bowl for me! And I’ll do the same for you 💨💨🔥!

Check me out on IG y’all! Until next month!

Amanda ❤️💚

Written by Keiji Varela

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