This Week’s Pep Talk Time!

This Week’s Pep Talk Time!

Amanda M

JKD Mental Health Champion 
Hello fellow stoners! Life is a strange one for sure. I have recently been dealing with a lot of things. Things I thought I couldn’t handle. Things I thought would never happen.

But my boyfriend gave me the greatest pep talk and I wanted to also do the same for people who struggle like I do!

You are enough and you are making amazing progress. Not everyday is sunshine and rainbows I should know I live in Oregon😆. But you can get past the hard days. You have come this far. Don’t turn back.

I know you work you Butts off. I know how hard the mental struggle can be when you feel the world and your friends and family have let you down. But there is a light at the end of that blunt! You are on your way to building the greatest version of yourself. So keep it up.

Now let’s light up, roll up, or dab up! Happy Sunday morning you strong beautiful handsome creatures!

Written by Keiji Varela

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