The MayDay 420 Monday Morning Wake n Bake

The MayDay 420 Monday Morning Wake n Bake

written by Jake B -JK Distro Sales Manager 

Nothing better after your first morning workout than some Coffee and Valentine kush from @jkdistribution_northeast ☕🔥🔥

Today's #WakeNBake was highly effective. This Valentine kush is tasty!
The flavor notes I picked up were chocolate, pine, and honey.

Great for pain relief! 25/1 cbd ratio and 16.79% (CBDa +CBD) making this a great effective smoke.

Today I had focused on resistance training as I'm currently trying to lose weight.

I did a little more than I should have and definitely felt it in my body. Thankfully the Valentine kush came to save the day. I could not recommend this enough!

Pick some up today and save 20% using code "ThePlug"

Written by Jake Brown

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