Sour Cherries vs Grapefruit Punch?

Sour Cherries 🍒  vs Grapefruit Punch 🥊 ?

    It’s 2021  🙏🏽JKD Family welcome to this week’s news and blog update. This week’s newest releases are our beautifully grown Sour Cherries & Grapefruit Punch. 

 🎥 Sour Cherries Rolling Video by Agent J

Sour Cherries


Total Cannabinoids 16.66%
Terpene 3.2%

One of our most cherished 🍒 favorites from "seasons past.” Revitalized with our cultivator’s amazing sugar male to produce a unique one-of-a-kind smoking experience to ease your worries.

Sour Cherries 🍒 offers aromas of cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper. Clocking in at 16.66% total cannabinoid and 3.2% Terpene profile, one of our most most flavorful indoor

GrapeFruit Punch


17.86% CBD

19.98% Total Cannabinoids 

Terpene: 3.059%

With the zesty, lively effects of a fresh slice of tropical fruit, the Grapefruit strain is a hemp variety that delivers flavor and effects that lean in the same direction. Orange Hairs Galore!!!!

The awakening, tart taste can liven up the senses, while the chemistry courses through your veins to rouse your sleepy system. All in all, the strain is a solid sativa that delivers the quintessential energizing profile that you would expect from an herb of its stature.

The "Grapefruit Punch" smells uniquely earthy-sweet, while the resourceful nose can detect aromas of grapefruit and a touch of skunk.

 Be very safe 😷 & Until Next Week,


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Written by Keijiro Varela

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