Poppin Around The Clock: Using Cannabinoids All Day Long

Cannabinoids can be used to improve your quality of life and it can be overwhelming to determine how to get started. There are so many ways to consume - smoked, vaped, eaten or applied to the skin. To help you determine the best way to elevate your consumption, we want to share how our team using cannabinoids in their everyday lives. Every one’s body processes cannabinoids differently so you will see how different each person’s preferences are. Each of us has a different reason for why we use or don’t use a particular cannabinoid.


Energize Your Day

Depending upon how well we slept the night before, we may wake up feeling groggy or tired. Regardless of how we are feeling, we still need to get our day started and get to work. So what can we do to get energized if caffeine isn’t enough…

Jake - Delta 8 would be my go-to all day smoke as I have started to prefer Delta 8 sometimes over delta 9 due to the less anxious effects and more mellow uplifted effects. I stick with flower and use it during the morning all the way until about midday. 

Lacey –  The Coast Hemp Smokes are amazing for morning because I can grab one and light it as soon as I get my coffee and the CBD/CBG combo is fantastic for nausea and brain fog. Recently, the Supernova HHC gummies are my favorite thing for energy.


Manage Pain

So many people suffer from chronic pain and struggle to get relief without the risk of side effects from pharmaceuticals. 

Lacey - I have chronic pain issues along with several mental health issues and have been consuming THC for over 20 years. I do most of my consumption in the form of dabs and flower. Recently, I have fallen in love with the Supernova THCO/D8 combo gummie for period cramps. 

I also like to use CBD in topical form, like Evocann Max Balm, for my knee deformity that causes intense pain, and in my belly button for severe period cramps. 

Tracie – I have issues with joint pain due to years of dancing and repetitive injuries. I apply CBD Balm to my joints, especially my knees and ankles after my shower. This helps me get through an active day with less pain. I have also used it when I get headaches by applying it to my temples.


Sleep Like A Baby

Preparing for bed is a crucial component to having a great day the next day. Most of us struggle to relax and fall asleep and cannabinoids can help your body and mind relax.

Jake - My go to for CBD is wellness products such as the Evocann Balms, Tea and the Infused Honey as I find it’s a nice way to unwind at the end of the day. CBN is a personal favorite cannabinoid of mine and I take it daily before bed to help my body unwind and help me get ready for a great night sleep. I find for me that CBN Soft Gels helps me sleep more soundly without waking up uncomfortable or groggy. It actually helps me fall asleep quickly compared to tossing and turning all night to get comfortable.

Lacey - I like to use CBD bath products, like the Evocann Bath Bombs and Salts along with Delta 8 edibles (the Rainbow Rope is my favorite) and cook with CBD Olive Oil in the evenings to help me relax and combat the severe insomnia I’ve had sense I was a child.

Tracie – I use CBD as a part of my nighttime routine to help me sleep and reduce my hot flashes. I add Tea Paste to my chamomile tea and take CBD Soft Gels before bed. This helps my body and mind relax so I can sleep better. Since I started this routine, I sleep deeper and longer and wake up refreshed, not groggy.


Feeling Down/Depressed

Many of us struggle with depression, but don’t want to deal with the side effects of many anti-depressants. There are other options with fewer side effects, if any. 

Jake - I use CBG for when I’m feeling down or having a bad day. The CBG mellows my mind out more than CBD does without providing an overly relaxed body state, but I don’t use CBG on the daily as I like to use it strictly for those times when I’m down.

Lacey -  CBD is a close second to THC because it helps me with my mental health issues but does not give a psychoactive high. I like to mix CBD flower like the Lemon Octane with cannabis strains like Lemon Skunk to get a nice entourage effect.


What We Avoid & Why

Learning about tolerance is essential if you are new to cannabis and hemp. Even the experienced could use a refresher at times. We are all unique and different. No two people have the same endocannabinoid system, so no two people handle this stuff the same way.

Jake - I personally don’t use HHC products as I’ve found that it does not agree with my endocannabinoid system. However, I am always open to other cannabinoids such as THC-0 for when I want that super mellow relaxing body effect you would get with a strong indica delta 9 strain without the paranoia or anxiety.  I try to incorporate a lot of these into my daily routine as they all help me personally in their own way.

Lacey - Though I don't smoke Delta 8 anymore due to it aggravating my asthma (treated flowers just aren't for me). I love Delta 8 edibles, but I do have a very high tolerance and need 200-300mg at minimum to feel the effects.

Written by Tracie James

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