Praising the Brilliant Women behind JK Distro & Wellness Focus!

Microphone 🎤 Mental Check one two!! The talented women behind JKDistro!

Its a new week, we are just sailing through a pandemic and valentine's day riddled with uncertainties and anxiety! If you have love God Bless you! For us single folks, we at JKDistro send our biggest hearts out to you with a special discount code. Vape25 for $25 Dollar Delta 8 Vape Catridges!

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Beautiful, Graceful & Brilliant we love our JKD Women!

Giving Praise to mental health and the Beautiful Smart Strong and Global Women behind JKDISTRO. 

Y’all meet our brilliant Business Support Manager Tracie J - Houston Texas. Tracie manages backend sales and marketing support, online business and bulk supply coordination to our distribution partners in Texas and the Southeast US. 

Tracie is a mother of two boys and an avid dancer 💃🏽! We love her and thank her for all her daily support behind the scenes to make our customer happy! 

Meet Are Super Women Ambassadors 💪🏼

Please follow our JKD Ambassador 👑Rachel D in Germany 🇩🇪 

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Please Follow and Support our Ambassador Dutchie in the Boogie Down Bronx New York New York! Check out her YouTube Channel as see reviews our JKD Flower & Products

Fair to say we are all struggling with how reality has pivoted one way or another in and against our favor continuously over the last few months and year! Its ok to "pull over" in life to tke a breather! With that being said we've stared our EvoCann Wellness Community, last week's topic was tips on "Taking a breather" for Mental Health! Here's the link to the EvoCann Wellness Communiyt Post. 

"Coping Mechanism & Learning to Let GO"

Also, If you have some time for mental health awareness possibly for yourself or someone you know within your village. I'd love to share two resources of our angels we lean on to supoprt our wellness comminties. 


Amanada M. In Oregon & Pacific Northwest US , our JKD Mental Health Awareness Advocate pens some pretty chellenging and thought provoking stories from her journey with her triumphs and challenges with mental health and being a young person in this challenging world. Check out Amanda's Latest Blog - "Learning to let Go"

Amanda M was thee lucky winner of our network’s CBD Valentine’s Giveaway we are so proud of her and her beautifully not perfect journey!

Veteran PTSD Support Circle online!

Lastly, but not lease we are ultra proud to announce our partnerships with a newly forming Veteran PTSD Online Support Group. We will have alot more info to present to our community. 

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Our own Veteran/Publicist & PTSD Awareness Super Champion Chasity D. Cox based in New York City NYC has created an all new online veteran support community and we are proud to host the commnity in our online wellness village (coming soon)!!!!

EvoCann Sunday Wellness “Me Time” Post

In the mean time please connect with Chasity and her online Veteran Support Comminty Hosted on Clubhouse App Platform every Friday @ 10am EST/7am PST.  To find out more info please send us a note we are seeking Participants!

Click Here for a Powerful Meditation Chant!

Written by Keiji Varela

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